Mooooving day!

Hey guys!! In the event that anyone still reads this blog, I thought you might like to know that I am trying again!! Lets leave this past behind and start fresh! Check me out 


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I make no promises that this new blog will survive, but I’m gonna try!! (i miiissssss yooouuuuu!!!!!!)

100% Slug

Tap tap tap. Hello? Anybody out there?

Oh. Hi!

Just wanted to pop in here for just a sec with a bit of news




There was a small blogger…

There was a small blogger

Who lived in her room

She had so many obligations she didn’t know what to do


She started the year off with high hopes for her site

Yet never logged into WordPress, though she tried with all of her might.

With an hour to spare early one Saturday morning

She figured it was time for an update, no matter how corny.

Rhyming is hard but she had commited herself now

Consider this a late valentine for her readers, she loves you (and how!!)


She still eats lots of squash


And veggies and fruit


But saves room for dessert, often a few times a day to boot!


Her latest obsessions include elephants and the color purple



That was a bad choice, nothing rhymes with purple.

She has been spending lots of time with the people she loves


And is waiting to hear back from the College Gods above!


Disneyland was awesome, from happiness she cried


And in Nature Center she is having a blast teaching kids about the Circle of Life

While this is by no means an end to her blog of a year and a half

It is neither a promise to post more often (lest someone else wants to, on her behalf)

She is learning to prioritize and, for her future, to prepare


If you miss her, stalk her Instagram (@laceylittlebit – but she is a weirdo, so beware)

That is all for today, just wanted to let you know she hasnt died


In fact this small blogger is better than ever –

so thanks for your time.


2013 Year in Review!

Sooooooo 2013 is almost over….Blogging did not go as planned hashtagoops. But you know what? 2013 was still a really good year! So I thought I”d do a little recap and be different just like all the other bloggers 😉

Firstly how about Christmas?

photo (3)

I spent Christmas enjoying the day with my family, and didn’t take many pictures, so I have some explaining to do haha! I went to Christmas Eve service with my mom and grandma and stepdad, and it was beautiful as always -traditional hymns, a beautiful tree, the organ playing, and ending the service with Silent Night sung by candle light. My favorite! Then we went over to my grandmas house for cookies and a few gifts (and being thoroughly amused by her hyperactive dogs). Christmas day was super relaxed. I spent the whole morning finishing wrapping presents and attempting to bake cinnamon rolls for brunch. When my siblings finally arrived we went to my dad’s house for presents ( I made everyone hot cocoa mix and put it in mugs for them) – and my little sister showed me her writing skills from kindergarten! We went back to my mom’s house for brunch (cinnamon rolls, gingerbread, tofu scramble, fruit) and finished the day going up to Grass Valley for dinner with family. End scene.

So now, about 2013…

It was the year I embraced my awkwardness. That about sums it up.

photo (1)

It was the year of chocolate (remember when I wasnt a chocolate person?)

photo (2)


Funfact! Those cookies are actually the first recipe I posted in 2013! Triple Chocolate Magic Cookies



I stopped going to the gym and decided to take care of myself with more love


I did my fist ever review and had more throughout the year

photo 2-47


I ate alot (like more than ever before in my life probably) of nut butter and then started making my own cuz its cheaper. Then Veg News pinned my recipe and it got 240 repins!!!!!!

Screen Shot 2013-06-02 at 4.42.45 PM


I celebrated my birthday with sprinkles and gave you guys 6 birthday cake themed recipes in 6 days (ice cream, cookies, baked oats, a smoothie, pancakes,and a parfait

photo 1-55




I also defied logic and ate kabocha squash all year long.



I took awkward pictures with mermaids.

I mean I went on a college tour in So Cal.

photo 4-69


and discovered acai bowls, which became my favorite thing to eat for breakfast over summer.



I went to a summer camp that changed my life

photo 1-102


Baked an impressive cake



Started my senior year of highschool

photo 1-129


Got a job…and then I disappeared for a little while

photo 5-80


I ran my first ever half marathon in 2:01, and never did the recap I promised because I lost the pictures and also I’m kinda lazy. But it was awesome



I turned in my college applications after many many many essay revisions and tear sessions

photo (1).


and continued my smoothie obsession well into winter… Sometimes I bring my own smoothies to work at Jamba Juice – is that weird?

So even though blogging has taken the backseat in the past few months, I’m completely OK with that. Life has taken over, and different things are becoming important to me. I’ve changed alot in the last year -shoot the last 6 months even. I’ve relaxed some things while becoming more passionate about others. And I’m very slowly starting to figure myself out. I’m not making any resolutions in 2014, but I have alot of things I’m looking forward to.

2014 is the year

  • I get to go to Disneyland with my musical theatre family
  • I get to teach little kids about the environment in a Nature Center class
  • I graduate Highschool
  • I go to college
  • I start making new decisions
  • I continue to grow and learn and make  mistakes and memories

2014 is the year I’ve been waiting for and I can’t wait to see what comes next.

What are you excited for this year?

Recipe Redux: Lucky Sweet Corn and Citrus Muffins

Well Hello There!! Long time no see eh? (…as I’ve begun every post since school started. Sorry) This year has been crazy! But I couldn’t pass up another month of recipe making for you!!! I am officially on break – so hopefully I can put forth a couple of posts soon! For now -enjoy these muffins!!

The theme for December’s Recipe Redux was ringing in the New Year with lucky foods!

Good Luck Foods: What will you be serving to get the New Year started with a little luck? Be it black eyed peas and greens, Chinese noodles or even a special family recipe you serve on New Year’s Eve or Day. Please share your good luck dish to start off 2014 in a healthy way.

Well if I’m going to be perfectly honest, I’ve never really done much as far as traditional or lucky foods for NY (except for some sparkling cider in a champagne glass to feel fancy), but of course thats nothing a little research cant fix!

Lets see….lucky foods include: fish (ew), pork (babe), lentils, greens, noodles….ah! Cornbread! And round fruits! I could work with those!

photo 2

But, if you know me, I am a baker at heart and a lover of sweets. So cornbread became sweet corn muffins!

We have a satsuma tree out in our backyard, which gives us the bestest, most amazing satsumas ever. Have you ever eaten a satsuma orange straight off the tree? Its divine. This year we harvested over 30 pounds from the one tiny tree. AKA we have (delicious amazing) Satsumas coming out of our ears. Sooo those got put in too.

photo 5

Then I added some coconut extract for a buttery flavor, and some chocolate chips because chocolate should always be considered lucky. I mean, don’t you feel lucky when you eat chocolate? Also -what better way to start the new year than with chocolate? There isn’t one. Ergo chocolate is lucky.

photo 3..

Anyway. I was completely playing around with this recipe. And I have never ever ever had good luck with cornbread. But I created these as my first official baked good of break (which is an important position) and they were a complete success!! My stepdad even ate 3! HAPPYDANCELACEY!!!!!

So pretty -and the house smelled amazing!

photo 1..

Sweet and buttery from the corn and maple syrup, with the essence and pop of fresh oranges (slash satsumas), brought together with the depth of dark chocolate chips and a hint of coconut. The texture is simply perfect too! Fluffy yet still hearty, like a corn muffin should be! These babies came out amazing. Its a small batch recipe (it makes 7 -LUCKY NUMBER ALERT), but considering the fact that there are only 2 left after 12 hours and a family of three, you miiiiggghhtt want to double the recipe 🙂

photo 1

Lucky Sweet Corn and Citrus Muffins

(makes 7)

  • 1/2 C. Spelt flour
  • 1/2 C. fine corn meal (like Masa)
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1/2 tsp baking soda
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 1 tsp orange zest (satsuma, mandarin)
  • 3 T. raw sugar
  • 3-4 T. almond milk
  • 1/4 tsp vinegar
  • 1/2 C. fresh orange juice (satsuma, mandarin)
  • 3 T. maple syrup (could probably sub honey)
  • 1 T. ground flax seed
  • 1/2 tsp coconut extract (or vanilla)
  • 1/3 C. corn kernels (frozen or canned)
  • 1/4 C. chocolate chips
  • orange slices for topping

Preheat oven to 350 F. Grease a muffin tin. Mix together the flour through sugar in a medium bowl. mix together the vinegar and almond milk, set aside for a few minutes to sour. Now mix together the almond milk, OJ, syrup, flax, and extract. Pour into the dry mixture. Fold in the corn and chocolate chips, then distrubute batter into the pan. Bake for 18-20 minutes (tooth pick test!). Allow to cool before eating.

photo 4


So we are in agreement then? Lets start the new year with pretty muffins and chocolate!!!

Don’t forget to check out the other lucky recpies this month!

MIMM: Turkies, College, and Inspiration

Happy (yesitsfinallyfallbreakitshereitshere!!) Monday!!!

Before we get to all the Marvelousness, I’d like to (finally) announce the two MARVELOUS readers who won an AMAZING giveaway!!

Picture 1

Picture 3


Picture 2

Picture 4

and Jordan!

Congrats ladies!! Email me (laceybug96[at]gmail[dot]com)  with your name, email, address, and flavor choices and I will send it on to Amazing Grass for your prizes!!

And now, onto the marvelousness!!

Marvelous is…1391822_655966667759657_824858009_nFall finally coming in full force to CA!! Its even below 65 degrees AND it rained last week!!  (hahaha thats such a big deal here!)Marvelous is…photo-12photo-13How amazing the kids at my school are! I’ve been having alot of trouble getting my YEA Club up and going, but I set up a table at our school’s Fiestaval the other night and look how much interest I got!! Students really do care!! I had this ‘magic wand’ poster for people to write on, pieces of PB&J with info on how a sandwhich can save the world (check out Well Fed World’s PB&J campaign), and a flyer with YEA’s tips for an Empowered Holiday. I’m so pumped to get back to school and get this REALLY moving now!!Marvelous is…photo-17pizza night. Sometimes it’s just gotta happen. My brother was over and said how his favorite childhood dinner was my mom’s BBQ chicken pizza she used to make, so we ordered a vegan pizza from Papa Murpheys (thin crust, BBQ sauce, all veggies no cheese/meat), and my mom topped it with BBQ tempeh (and beyond meat for brother) and homemade vegan ranch sauce. As much as we try to do healthy, homemade, whole foods etc, I have to admit this was pretty darn good. Memories are delicious.Marvelous is…photo-11Kabocha and apple butter. Cant. Get. Enough. Seriously. I roasted a large squash yesterday for me and my mom/bro. I ate a good third of it at lunch, noshed on left overs after work, and finished it off with my nighttime snack. I must have eaten at least half of the entire, very large squash yesterday. Woke up with MAJOR squash belly. Miiiiigggghhttt do it again today. #myaddiction. no wonder I’m orange…Marvelous is…photo-14Going up to Animal Place to celebrate the turkies and getting to see my baby Harold!! (thats not his real name, just what I call him haha). 2 years ago I saw him, a newly-rescued veal calf, then the next year I saw him again. Look how big he’s gotten!!! So cute!!!Marvelous is…1476345_662975853725405_1401181009_n1465399_662966460393011_506303025_nphoto-151455197_662915063731484_2104450893_nFamily all together for Thanksliving at the farm! // the newest member of Animal Place -he was so chatty!! ❤  // the turkey’s feast!! //  The turkey I fed was really excited about the pie and pecked it right  out of my hand! I thought better than trying to pick it back up haha.Marvelous is…photo-16Finally having a free moment to finish my college apps!! Of course, this has been my view for the past few hours, but all I have left is revising my personal statements and then going over them one more time with my friend’s mom (who is a school counselor) before sending them off! I’m applying to UC Santa Barbara, UC Davis, UC Santa Cruz, Cal Poly SLO, and Sonoma State. They are due on Saturday so I’m a little anxious right I’m excited to go to college and major in tree hugging. (I mean environmental studies) ;)Happy Monday!!

WIAW: Sorta kinda just desserts

Happy WIAW!!

Today is just gonna be a shorty post. as I type it is increasingly late on Tuesday night and I have procrastinated on hw to the point where if its not due tomorrow, its not getting done.  I need sleep and fast!!

At my house, we almost always have some form of dessert around! Between cravings and a love for sweet cooking, this comes as no suprise. Its a daily occurance. We typically keep them on the healthier side, but do indulge now and then! As evidenced by this week’s photos, the dessert monsters are in full force lately. I think we have at least 3 options in the fridge right now….

Moral of this WIAW: Life’s short, eat dessert first. And also for lunch/breakfast/dinner/snack. You know what? Just eat some dessert now kay? (bonus if it has hidden veggies, like most of mine do, and its a healthy habit then right?)


Heather’s Pumpkin Pie French Toast became a brunchy-lunch (Yes, I had more. It was delicious)


Post-run on Sunday I decided to refuel with, well, dessert. Chocolate-pumpkin avocado mousse and a pumpkin scone (twas a mix)


A new recipe in the works for Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Blondies! They were allllmost there! Just need more sweet, but were awesome topped with pumpkin butter!


Okay you caught me, I do eat savory food (sometimes) and veggies. Like this (weekly) salad from Dos Coyotes! A rainbow of fresh, local veggies atop beans and corn tortillas plus cranberry salsa. The staff knows our order by heart. Oops 😉


And this one night when I got really ambitious and made a homecooked meal! We’ve been vegan almost 3 years and this is the first time we’ve made the stereotypical lentil loaf haha! I bumped it up by adding some good spices, quinoa, carrot, fennel, celery and mushrooms, and made 2 batches so 1 is in the freezer for our Thanksliving celebration! Also, mashed potatoes with chickpea gravy and veggies. Comfort food on rainy days at its finest!


And potatoes. Always


Ever dipped kabocha in apple butter? Please, please do. Heaven.


Look! I even had a wheagrass shot at work!


…and leftover chocolate cake from a potluck for when I got home. #balance 😉 


This was OK, but not my fav flavors for chocolate. I’m gonna bake with it instead hehehe


And last but not least, Pumpkin Pie. My mom is trialing our Thanksliving spread, so we currently have an awesome pie in our fridge (love you so much mom!). Buuut I don’t have a pic, so you get the recipe for last year’s Un-Pumpkin pie!

Why do I keep calling it Thanksliving?


Because we are giving thanks for all life this holiday. On saturday we are going to Farm Sanctuary to celebrate the turkeys that lived and give them a feast of their own! So excited!

ALSO! My laptop died on me (whomp whomp) So I am transfered to my desktop for now, meaning my race recap is further pushed back die to photo storage (sorry). Plus I missed the date to pick winners for my AMAZING GRASS GIVEAWAY, so I am extending it to this weekend! YAY more chances to enter!! Good luck!!

Sweet or Savory??