An AMAZING Review!!

Welp. My whole “I won’t disappear again this month” thing kinda fizzled. Oops. Forgive me? I’m just gonna stop promising it’s the last time because obviously my current schedule hates me haha! This is the first weekend I’ve had ‘off’ in about 2 months sooo….HEYLOOKAGIVEAWAY!! 

A few weeks ago, the AMAZING people at AMAZING GRASS sent me a package of their AMAZING product to review!

I was expecting just a few samples, but woah! They were so kind and generous! It was like Christmas came early! (speaking of which, 45 days!!!!!) Plus they sent a cup! I was so happy about the cup!! (I’m such a weird teenager)

photo 3-130

I was so excited! My brother was over at the time the package came, and he asked if my mom was going to use it in the smoothie she was making, but she said “Nope. Lacey won’t let me. She has to take pictures of them first and then try them for her blog.” <–she so gets me haha

photo 5-83

At the time I got the package, it was about a week before my half marathon and so I was avoiding chocolate and caffeine. I was not, however, avoiding green smoothies….

photo 4-114

The Green Superfoods packets (my favorite products they sent), whole food blends of wheat grass, alfalfa, greens, maca, acai, probiotic enzymes, fiber, and more (seriously, you should see the ingredients on these!) blended in seamlessly into my smoothies (pumpkin pie has been my latest obsession) and made me feel AMAZING!

photo 1-132

photo 1-135

And my two favorite flavors of the Green Superfoods (pineapple lemongrass and orange dreamsicle) lent delicious flavors all their own to my smoothies! (tropical and, orange dream, respectively).

photo 5-84

Of course, It has been cooling down and I am always up for trying #strangebutgood combos, so naturally I used a cacao superfood packet mixed with some warm almond milk and water, plus a touch more of cocoa powder, and had super-cocoa!! (I have officially overcome any aversions I had as a child to green foods, especially drinks, in any form haha). I was wary, seeing as I generally prefer the mix-ins into a smoothie as they blend better, but I really liked it! ….didn’t work as well when I tried it again with a berry flavored packet though…

photo 3-131

The Amazing Meal packets are packed with all of the green goodness of the Green Superfoods, plus 10g of plant protein and 6 g of fiber! While I would say they didn’t blend in quite as seamlessly (they had a bit of that protein-powdery flavor), they were still awesome!. Yes, another pumpkin smoothie (pumpkin chai that is)

photo 2-136

My favorite of the Amazing Meals was the Cafe Mocha, which was part of my pre-race breakfast for my half marathon! I’ll save the race recap for later, but lets just say I didn’t sleep well at all the night before, and ate this at 4 in the morning  mixed into raw oats and coconut milk because our hotel had no microwave or fridge, and it was still awesome! I’m sure even better blended into a mocha shake! But it gave me exactly the energy and nutrients I needed to rock it on my race!!

photo 1-133

Plus the sweet and savory almond bar, made with nuts and seeds and green super foods covered in chocolate, was the perfect post-race snack! I’m glad I brought it with me, since they were handing out non-vegan Luna protein bars afterwards and I was HANGRY after the 13.1 miles! This was delicious and perfect to hold me over till I could find my team veg mates for lunch! Deee-licious! My favorite of the bars.

photo 2-138

The other Green Superfood bars were completely different! These were more lara-bar esque, especially the berry bar. They sent five bars total, but the peanut butter one had whey in it so I gave it to my brother. Of these three, I liked the berry one best, the fruity-ness worked with the green foods and reminded me of a cherry larabar. The chocolate one was my second fave, (duh, its green super foods covered in chocolate), but did have a ‘green’ taste to it. I wasn’t a huge fan of the chocolate -coconut bar, the green flavor overpowered the coconut flavor and generally didn’t work too well for me. But hey, 3/4 is awesome!!

I didn’t get pictures of everything I made with the AMAZING package, (this post would be way too long!!), but I was so pleased with the products that I went out and bought their seasonal pumpkin spice Green Superfood! It’s awesome, and I want to try the chocolate peppermint next!

photo 5-85

So, basically I’ve been feeling AMAZING lately, and Amazing Grass wants you to feel AMAZING too!! They have offered to send two lucky readers each two 8.5 oz containers (the size of the above pumpkin spice GSF) of the Green Superfoods Flavors of your choice! How AMAZING are they!?!

To enter:

You get one entry per task (but you can only win once, sorry haha!) and I will pick a winner next Sunday (the 17th)  Open to US and Canada.

Good luck! Have an AMAZING Day!!!

24 thoughts on “An AMAZING Review!!

  1. What an awesome box. I think I need to find these green superfoods packets. I would use them all the time for the convenience! I had already liked your blog on facebook and I just liked Amazing Grass. (:

  2. Amazing Grass is my favorite, I love how they have so many products so everyone can find something they love! I really want to try the pumpkin spice flavor because I love their new peppermint chocolate kind and I go crazy for anything seasonal.

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