WIAW-Orange you glad it’s Fall?

Happy WIAW!!

Wow, I think it’s been over a month since I last participated. It’s been a little busy (still) around these parts. I’m a senior, I’m in school, I have a job and dance shows, forgive me.


photo 1-129


(wow my mirror is dirty. Ignore that please. On the other hand I find it humorous that my uniform is about 3 sizes to big. Apparently “Adult-Small” doesn’t include 17 year olds who are a size “6th-grader” #shortgirlprobs)

So why am I actually posting today? Weeelllll apparently doing the whole “GOGOGOGOGO!” thing, without much sleep, takes it’s toll because I am home sick today. Bleh. (I think every one is getting sick, the other day at work the #1 smoothie ordered was the orange-c booster, and everyone else got immunity in their drinks haha!)

On the plus side, being sick gives me a chance to catch up on some Z’s, college applications, homework, aaaannnnddd blogging! (although I’m gonna need to take a nap soon -I’ve been up for 3 hours and all I’ve done is eaten breakfast and baked something, and I’m about to collapse from exhaustion).

Aaannnny who, on to the food!!

breakfasts wiaw

(I decided to ‘collage’ my pics today, because otherwise this post would be too long and you would fall asleep too)

I’ve fallen into a bit of a (surprisingly not-orange) breakfast rut known as zucchini-bread oats. So what you have here is zucchini oats with pear and almond butter in a bowl and in a jar (3 times), representative of what I’ve had for the past month. Literally. Aaaannnd that lovely bowl on the far right is what I made today, trying to boost my immune system: Zucchini oats with lucuma, maca, camu-camu powder, and a scoop of Amazing Grass on top of chopped apples. Work your magic, super foods! I can’t miss more school!!



On the snacks side of things, we have a test-batch of pumpkin muffins, green smoothies, cinnamon apples, and the first satsumas from our tree! I am a mandarin snob, can’t stand cuties because this tree has spoiled me since 3rd grade. The BEST oranges ever, especially when you eat them right off the tree!

photo 1-142


I had to pick up some new-to-me products at Whole Foods the other day (it was my first time at WF in about 3 months and I was really excited to go hahaha), including Lucuma powder (i’ve had my eye on it for ages and I finally have my own money to buy it!), a seasonal Larabar, pumpkin spice Amazing Grass, and these Lily’s chocolate chips! I saw them on Ashley’s blog a little while ago, and the next day spotted them at WF! So exciting because they are stevia sweetened but not sickeningly sweet (so they don’t hurt my teeth like sugary chocolate chips do), they are super dark, and they are vegan + Fair trade!! We watched “The Dark Side of Chocolate” documentary a little while ago, and are trying to only buy fair-trade chocolate from now on. We even ordered some fair trade, black cocoa powder online to replace our beloved (and evil) Hershey’s Special Dark.


I’m pretty sure we go through at least 3 kabochas a week, and if not kabocha we are eating sweet potatoes. Yes I am incredibly orange right now haha!! Clock wise from the top we have kabocha pre-cooking, Kabocha topped with garbanzo -cookie dough dip, more kabocha, and a fall inspired meal of sweet potatoes, roasted beets, and a lentil-portobello-brussel sprout mix.

fancy dinner


Sometimes we have variety (ish) though! My mom and I found a place with vegan sushi, and went for a mother-daughter , fishy free sushi date (YUM), and another time went to Baagan (a vegan cafe) to split their veggie burger and indian masala panini (also YUM). On the bottom I made a honey mustard, avocado massaged kale salad with roasted veggies and chickpeas plus roasted squash (all topped with cranberry sauce after), and a ‘toastada’ with refried beans, kale, avocado and sweet potato on top of a GF Udi’s spinach tortilla with salsa and pepitas.

dessert 1


And of course, you can never miss dessert! Whether it be soy yogurt topped with Cascadian Farms cinnamon crunch, more cookie dough dip, pudding (of either the pumpkin of chocolate variety) ooorrr brownies, I’m pretty sure we never go a day without. Of course, it’s on the healthier side (I’ve been experimenting with cauliflower as our pudding base), but still! Oh, and btw, my mom made those brownies for Halloween (chocolate with a pumpkin swirl), and the FULL 9×11 pan was demolished by my family of 3 in less than 3 days. Oops! hahaha!

So there you have it! A glimpse into some of the more photogenic meals of the past crazy months! Keep in mind most meals have been in tupperware due to crazy schedules sooo I didn’t picture them!

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3 thoughts on “WIAW-Orange you glad it’s Fall?

  1. I hope you feel better Lacey! You work at Jamba??? I’m so jealous! The nearest one to me is 20 minutes away. I’ve never heard of those chocolate chips but I’ll be buying them.. Stevia doesn’t spike my blood sugar, so I pretty much need those chocolate chips NOW. I love that they are fair trade!

  2. I’m glad you loved the stevia chocolate chips too! They’re my new go-to chocolate chip brand now, just wish they were a little cheaper. I still need to find the seasonal Larabars and try the Amazing Grass pumpkin spice flavor because I’m almost out of the chocolate peppermint.

    Hope you feel better soon! I’m sure all those orange foods are working their magic haha.

  3. You look so cute in your Jamba outfit! I hope you feel better girl! You’re eating so healthy though, so you’re really doing what’s good for your body, so you ought to be feeling better in no time! I seriously want to eat at your house. Your food looks amazing!

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