There was a small blogger…

There was a small blogger

Who lived in her room

She had so many obligations she didn’t know what to do


She started the year off with high hopes for her site

Yet never logged into WordPress, though she tried with all of her might.

With an hour to spare early one Saturday morning

She figured it was time for an update, no matter how corny.

Rhyming is hard but she had commited herself now

Consider this a late valentine for her readers, she loves you (and how!!)


She still eats lots of squash


And veggies and fruit


But saves room for dessert, often a few times a day to boot!


Her latest obsessions include elephants and the color purple



That was a bad choice, nothing rhymes with purple.

She has been spending lots of time with the people she loves


And is waiting to hear back from the College Gods above!


Disneyland was awesome, from happiness she cried


And in Nature Center she is having a blast teaching kids about the Circle of Life

While this is by no means an end to her blog of a year and a half

It is neither a promise to post more often (lest someone else wants to, on her behalf)

She is learning to prioritize and, for her future, to prepare


If you miss her, stalk her Instagram (@laceylittlebit – but she is a weirdo, so beware)

That is all for today, just wanted to let you know she hasnt died


In fact this small blogger is better than ever –

so thanks for your time.


7 thoughts on “There was a small blogger…

  1. Oh, “That was a bad choice, nothing rhymes with purple” killed me. 😀 Glad for the update! We’ve all missed you! (I don’t want that the pressure you into posting more often if you don’t want; it’s just nice to know you aren’t dead.) Stay awesome!!

  2. You are just the cutest, hahaha! I know senior year is crazy, but maybe once college starts you could focus on being a vegan in college, and that would be a fun new twist for the blog world!!!

  3. THIS IS ADORABLE!! 🙂 I smiled through reading the entire thing. Sometimes I have to step back and realize blogging should never take priority over experiences or friendships or my future. You sound like you are having a great year.

    PS- you’re totally gorgeous! I love your crown (;

  4. I’ve definitely missed your face around the blog world but I’m so happy you’ve been busy enjoying life and getting ready for college! And I love stalking you on Instagram so don’t feel bad if you don’t have the time to blog as much!

  5. This is the best post EVER! I miss your posts so much! And squash for daysss ❤ Hahah glad youre doing well girly!

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