WIAW: 1000 Cupcakes!!!

Happy Wednesday guys!!!!

This week i’m doing something a little different:) No, I didn’t eat 1000 cupcakes (though it sure felt like it 😉 ) I’m talking about Sacramento Vegan Challenge‘s event this past weekend, 1000 Vegan Cupcakes for Charity! (for Facebook/more fun and pictures click here 🙂 )


I’ll still show you what I ate though, because after the event we had a fancy 4 course vegan meal at the hotel that hosted the event:) Prepare for (cupcake) photo bombardment!!

1000 Vegan Cupcakes is a charity event where 12 bakers generously donated 50-100 vegan cupcakes in fun flavors (We had categories like Fun and Fruity, Eat your Veggies, Nuts and Nuggets, and Classic and Creative, with healthy (gluten free, low sugar/sugar free and oil free as subcategories-for every diet!). The cupcakes are sold to the public and the proceeds go to charities. We have guest judges to pick the winning cupcakes, and musical entertainment:)

photo 3-33

The theme this year was “Farm to Cupcake”, playing off the fact that Sacramento is the Farm to Table Capitol. Garden Tower generously donated a garden tower for our display, which was afterwards donated to the St John’s Women’s Shelter for their “Plates” program (a restaurant business that teaches homeless women the ins and outs of restaurant-ing to get them back on their feet).

We had 29 different flavors! I didn’t get a picture (or taste) of every single one, but I got quite a few!photo 3-34

photo 4-31

Almond Butter Cup 

photo 4-30

Molten Chocolate Raspberry and Lemon Avocado
photo 4-27

Chocolate with an avocado mint frosting (oil free)

photo 3-37

Chocolate Beet cupcake with a vanilla fennel ganache (gf, of, no added sugar)

photo 3-36

Carrot Walnut Cake (gf)

photo 3-32

Citrus Olive Oil

photo 3-31

Root Beer Float

photo 2-35

24K Karrot Cake with Sweet potato frosting

photo 2-33

Pancake Cupcake with Maple Frosting and Maple Tempeh Bacon

photo 2-32

photo 2-30

Orange Creamsicle

photo 3-30


photo 1-26

One of the Judging platters (groups of four judged each category to pick a winner)

photo 1-37

The ones I came home with. The ones pictured that you didn’t see before are Pink Lemonade, Chocolate Banana Peanut Butter,Orange Carrot, Strawberry Rhubarb, Hummingbird, and Apple Cinnamon.

Do I have to pick a favorite??? These are all gone now, sad. In order to try them all, my family cuts them into 3 so we try 3 cupcakes at a time haha!!

The only problem with the event was that it was supposed to be 3 hours, but we sold out of cupcakes after only and hour and 15 minutes!! So we finished the judging, picked the winners, cleaned up and went downstairs for dinner!

photo 1-24

photo 2-27photo 3-26

photo 2-26photo 4-24

photo 3-25photo 1-21

photo 3-23photo 4-21

It was all very delicious! My mom and I decided to get one of everything and share so we could try everything! I loved both appetizers and soups, but the Lentil-Tomato entree was by far my favorite, and I had the carrot cupcake because I love carrot cake, and my mom loves chocolate. The frosting was to die for!!!

photo 2-23

Yum. Can you believe, after all of that, this was the first cupcake I ate??? It was a very long day! My mom organized the event, so I was helping out from 8 in the morning till almost 10 at night!! It was well worth it though, we made $2500 for charities!! Woop!!!

For more recaps visit Leslie and Maria 🙂

So, What did you do this weekend????

WAIW: Easter/Spring Break Edition

And so begins the busiest month of my life. Ill get back to you on that one!

But first, WIAW!! Easter style…

As I mentioned earlier, the night before Easter was stormy! We were up many hours consoling our doggies through the lightning and thunder in the middle of the night! But we still somehow managed to get early for an eight o clock Easter Service (early for us, we usually go the the 11:30 church service 🙂

photo 2-4

Easter Morning began with a delicious carrot-cake overnight oat parfait, topped with crumblies from a carrot cake muffin (which I will share with you soon I promise!!). It was put together relatively quickly too, since nothing had to be cooked!

After a glorious service, (Easter Sunday is my favorite!) my family and I walked over to the coffee shop by my church for some rainy day cappuccinos

photo 1-17

Someday I will learn how to do this…

Since we had celebrated Easter with our family the day before, we went home for a relatively low-key Sunday afternoon. We walked the doggies under the now-sunny sky, had a quick and random lunch that I didn’t picture, and then I set about making these babies…

photo 3-19

Vegan Super Peanut Butter Cups

My craving for Easter candy was now satisfied:)

Even though we hadn’t planned anything special for dinner, my brother was over and since we hadn’t had a real “Easter Brunch” either, I decided that Brunch for Dinner it was!!

photo 5-14

Pretty Easter table 🙂


Tofu scramble with fresh, local asparagus (Gosh I love living in the central valley!!), Yukon Gold potatoes roasted with garlic, salt and pepper, and an accidentally pink fruit salad with pineapple, mandarins, banana, raspberries, shredded coconut, and a bit of soy yogurt flavored with lemon and coconut extracts and stevia. It was soo good:)

And for dessert, the last of my Sunny Lemon Cheesecake!

photo 2-16

Other eats this week have included:

photo 4-6

Pretty oatmeal:)photo-87

The best OIAJ ever (wow that jar was gone fast! Oops 😉 ). Oats with vanilla, stevia, flax, instant espresso and maca powder plus an apple in a vanilla espresso almond butter jar…Heaven:)

photo 1-2

Lots of cookie dough dip:)

photo 5-3

A gigantic bowl of cookie dough dip topped with yogurt and cereal, of which my whole family followed suit and we called it dinner haha! Plus veggies later 😉

photo 4-5

Salad with lentils and sweet potato

photo 2-20

Kabocha!!!!! They are finally good again!!!
photo 2-2

Veggie sushi snack 🙂 A “go green” roll with long beans, green apple, rice and avocado in a sweet mustardy sauce

photo 2-10

And a snack of yogurt and frozen blueberries and a pear-agar agar experiment hehe:) Topped with cereal, but then you couldn’t see the fun part!!

How was your Easter?

PS! If you are in the Sacramento area, or want to come check out some fun and delicious cupcakes, come join us for 1000 Vegan Cupcakes for Charity on Saturday! It is the second year that my mom’s organization, Sacramento Vegan Challenge, is putting this event on and it is going to be amazing!!! Here is a link to details 🙂