About Me

Hey! My name is Lacey, and I’m the girl behind Life Hands You Limes!

A few things you should know about me:

photo 1

I’m a 17 year old girl living in sunny CA. I would say Im just your average teenager, except…

I think I’m really cool


I’m not really…:)


I love to cook, especially bake



You could even say Im a super baker

 (Lacey by day, short superhero by night….wanna watch me bake some cookies? okay *BAM* what was that!!! oh, you missed it. cookies baked and gone. im that good;)

I love dancing, musical theatre, cupcakes, glitter, and sprinkles. Imagine Galinda from Wicked, especially in Popular yeah that pretty much sums me up right there… Im also super girly.


My friends give me sparkly pens to write in yearbooks with, I get really excited seeing anything cute/sparkly/baby animals/pink…Heck, I even wear pink and sparkles to the gym (with a color coordinating hair bow, of course)!

I enjoy long walks runs on the beach in my suburban neighborhood…


I’ve recently discovered that I have a love for running, and am a member of a running group called Team Veg! I am signed up for my first half marathon this October (the Nike Women’s Half), which I am super excited about!


I believe its the little things that count, and there is beauty in everything


Oh yeah! How could I forget? I love animals. In fact, I’m a vegan!







I’ve had some hard times too, including my struggle with an eating disorder and other very stressful family issues. I will write more about those another time, but for now I’m going to leave off with my motto for this blog,

When life hands you limes (and believe me, I’ve been handed quite a few of those sour little fruits), just rearrange the letters and SMILE:)

5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. you’re adorable! i’m super girly too…i’m attracted to anything glittery lol 😀 lovely blog btw 😀 when did you start ballet? i think it’s so beautiful!

    • Aw thank you!! I started dancing when I was about 5, got a little more into it around 10, switched to a professional dance studio when I was 14, and then had to quit at 15 because school got in the way. But I took it up again at school this year, I dont know what I would do without it! Thanks for stopping by!

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