2013 Year in Review!

Sooooooo 2013 is almost over….Blogging did not go as planned hashtagoops. But you know what? 2013 was still a really good year! So I thought I”d do a little recap and be different just like all the other bloggers ūüėČ

Firstly how about Christmas?

photo (3)

I spent Christmas enjoying the day with my family, and didn’t take many pictures, so I have some explaining to do haha! I went to Christmas Eve service with my mom and grandma and stepdad, and it was beautiful as always -traditional hymns, a beautiful tree, the organ playing, and ending the service with Silent Night sung by candle light. My favorite! Then we went over to my grandmas house for cookies and a few gifts (and being thoroughly amused by her hyperactive dogs). Christmas day was super relaxed. I spent the whole morning finishing wrapping presents and attempting to bake cinnamon rolls for brunch. When my siblings finally arrived we went to my dad’s house for presents ( I made everyone hot cocoa mix and put it in mugs for them) – and my little sister showed me her writing skills from kindergarten! We went back to my mom’s house for brunch (cinnamon rolls, gingerbread, tofu scramble, fruit) and finished the day going up to Grass Valley for dinner with family. End scene.

So now, about 2013…

It was the year I embraced my awkwardness. That about sums it up.

photo (1)

It was the year of chocolate (remember when I wasnt a chocolate person?)

photo (2)


Funfact! Those cookies are actually the first recipe I posted in 2013! Triple Chocolate Magic Cookies



I stopped going to the gym and decided to take care of myself with more love


I did my fist ever review and had more throughout the year

photo 2-47


I ate alot (like more than ever before in my life probably) of nut butter and then started making my own cuz its cheaper. Then Veg News pinned my recipe and it got 240 repins!!!!!!

Screen Shot 2013-06-02 at 4.42.45 PM


I celebrated my birthday with sprinkles and gave you guys 6 birthday cake themed recipes in 6 days (ice cream, cookies, baked oats, a smoothie, pancakes,and a parfait

photo 1-55




I also defied logic and ate kabocha squash all year long.



I took awkward pictures with mermaids.

I mean I went on a college tour in So Cal.

photo 4-69


and discovered acai bowls, which became my favorite thing to eat for breakfast over summer.



I went to a summer camp that changed my life

photo 1-102


Baked an impressive cake



Started my senior year of highschool

photo 1-129


Got a job…and then I disappeared for a little while

photo 5-80


I ran my first ever half marathon in 2:01, and never did the recap I promised because I lost the pictures and also I’m kinda lazy. But it was awesome



I turned in my college applications after many many many essay revisions and tear sessions

photo (1).


and continued my smoothie obsession well into winter… Sometimes I bring my own smoothies to work at Jamba Juice – is that weird?

So even though blogging has taken the backseat in the past few months, I’m completely OK with that. Life has taken over, and different things are becoming important to me. I’ve changed alot in the last year -shoot the last 6 months even. I’ve relaxed some things while becoming more passionate about others. And I’m very slowly starting to figure myself out. I’m not making any resolutions in 2014, but I have alot of things I’m looking forward to.

2014 is the year

  • I get to go to Disneyland with my musical theatre family
  • I get to teach little kids about the environment in a Nature Center class
  • I graduate Highschool
  • I go to college
  • I start making new decisions
  • I continue to grow and learn and make ¬†mistakes and memories

2014 is the year I’ve been waiting for and I can’t wait to see what comes next.

What are you excited for this year?