Alllllmmost there!

Hi there! Happy Fall!




Just popping in real quick to say hi! I am aaalllmost done with my crazy schedule I promise! I just took the SAT, finished 2 dance shows, I have midterms this week (then AP Gov is over!) and then I can focus on college applications and lots of yummy recipes for yoouuu!!!!



(only part of it…)

So please feel free to peruse my Pinterest page and gawk at all of the yummy recipes I also want to make, let me know how they are!! Meanwhile I shall go drag my sleep deprived self into the kitchen to make a cup of tea, and then its back to work!!!

Some things to look forward to in the next month!

  • My half marathon is in two weeks! Expect a recap!
  • Lots of recipes!
  • Some fall WIAWs
  • Hopefully a review or two!
  • And maybe some lovely writing as I practice my personal statements (hehehe)

Love you all! Thanks for sticking with me  -the end is near!!


(hehe on a side note do you see what my biggest tag for posts (<—) is? Dessert. ha.)