WIAWhen its that awkward between seasons time

Happy Humpday everybody!!!!

Sorry I’m a bit late to the party, but hey I made it! Yes, for the first time since school started, my week day workload is finally somewhat manageable, and I couldn’t wait to show you my pretty food pictures! Come on, tell me you don’t do that too.

“I think this is such a pretty food picture but I have to save it for Wednesday!!!”

Truth. Anyway, even though it is still, albeit barely, August, I’ve started to crave fall. Pumpkin, cinnamon, boots and cozy blankets and tea. Yes. Alas, its still summer. So my eats are a little mood-swingy haha!!photo-256See on the summer spectrum, I still love big green smoothies -this is a melon-pineapple-matcha-mint and ginger combo (plus lemon and spinach). So refreshing!photo 3-120But I’ve also been getting into oatmeal a lot more recently. Solution? Summer fruit oats! Topped with blueberries, grapes, kiwi and watermelon, because why not? Eeeeexactly.photo 5-77Still, this morning, all bets were off. Its fall enough for me!!! Pumpkin spice oats with apples:)photo-255My main meals vary, anything from ‘hippie bowls’ -rice, veggies, beans, nooch, random condiments etc…photo-252To spring rolls (ahem summer…)photo-251And back to warm, orangey deliciousness!! Broccoli, falafel and sweet potatoes topped with tahini sauce and spicy ketchupphoto-249Even my drinks have gone from sweet and creamy (ever mixed zevia root beer with iced almond milk coffee? Do it. Its like a grown up root beer float)photo 1-120To fruity green smoothies! Watermelon, lime, mint, ginger, spinach and ice 🙂 Soo good



I’ve been hoarding as much fresh summer fruit as I can before its all gone…



But alas, pumpkin strikes again!! Did you know that a box of spice cake mix plus a can of pumpkin makes the best, cheater pumpkin bread/cake ever? Bonus points for adding chopped apple!!

photo 2-124


But of course, we cannot forget the ice cream. Chocolate (and cinnamon -see its everywhere) homemade ice cream with peanut butter sauce



And lots of Cookie Dough… Always.

I know its still Summer, but have you started to “crave” Fall? Confession: Its gotten so bad that I had pumpkin/orange at every meal today. Pumpkin oats, sweet potatoes at lunch, kabocha at dinner, and pumpkin pie ice cream (home made, once I tweak the recipe I’ll post it!) for dessert!! Commence my lovely self-tanning habits of Autumn!

11 thoughts on “WIAWhen its that awkward between seasons time

  1. Ummmm so I HAVE to try that Zevia+almond milk coffee thing! That sounds perfectly refreshing for a 90+ degree August day. It’s been so summery and hot here lately which I love because I’ve gotten in pool time after classes so I’m not thinking about fall quite yet but I do love some fall flavors, especially cinnamon!

  2. Ahhh, everything in this post looks so amazing and delicious. I espeically love your “hippie bowls”. They look so good. ❤
    and that chocolate ice cream (!!!)
    I know how you feel with the awkward season transition thing. It's getting colder, and it's starting to feel more and more like pumpkin season to me. haha!
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, today! I means so much to me. 🙂

    • Thanks! I’m pretty sure as soon as school starts, my brain thinks its fall. Granted I’ve also had christmas songs stuck in my head since June sooo…. and thanks for stopping right back!

  3. Smoothies are sometimes the reason I wake up in the morning. (Okay, I’m not that drastic, but seriously when it’s 100F, smooethies are a must!) I love how you top yours with so much goodness. I usually stick with pb2 or bananas on top of mine! You’ve inspired me to branch out!

    • Yay! I looovvveee smoothies in the morning! And toppings are the best part! Its like replacing the milk in a bowl of cereal with delicious smoothie goodness. And if you make it thick its like an ice cream sundae for breakfast kinda sorta haha!

  4. So happy to see pumpkin hitting my screen again! I’m definitely hankering for some fall now – I love getting wrapped up in layers of scarves and knitwear and sipping a hot chocolate… wow I guess the cold weather also turns me into a grandma!? Either way, yay fall!

    ps AMAZING idea with the caffeinated root beer float!

    • Haha! Its totally the other way around here: Hot oats and tea in the AM and salads and ice cream at night! (well and squash. I deal with a hot house. Then I eat ice cream to cool off 😉 )

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