Friday Faves 8/9

In yet another desperate attempt to procrastinate on finishing my summer assignment essay, I have decided to do a Friday Faves post- mainly because it sounded fun and I got to spend the last 20 minutes taking pictures of random things in my house. Always a plus πŸ˜‰

This Mini Table



I got this adorable little table at a yard sale for 10 cents!! Its the perfect size for taking pictures on -I can move it to wherever the best lighting is – and also the perfect size/height for my laptop when I want to sit on the couch for computer time πŸ™‚ yay!!

365 Vegan Smoothies



This is a no brainer when you think about my latest smoothie obsession. I want to make all of these!!!

Red Lipstick



Funny, because usually I don’t wear a lot of make up – just a little concealer, eye liner and mascara. But I’ve been loving bright red lips lately! So much fun and it makes you feel cute and fancy when you otherwise are feeling lazy. I swear, today was a ‘meh I don’t feel like doing anything’ day, so I put on a little lipstick out of sheer boredom and BAM I feel motivated! Haha no idea why.





This little girl, I swear. She sleeps in the funniest positions, and loves ‘helping’ us do things. Like helping me type (top left). Or do sit ups (aka lets try to eat Lacey’s pony tail while she is on the yoga mat!)

Cookie Dough Dip



I had THE BIGGEST craving for chocolate chip cookies the other day (i.e. you want something, and then just so happen to be on Pinterest and it seems EVERYONE AND THEIR MOTHER is pinning chocolate chip something or other). Except it was dinner time. Since it was a girls night, my mom and I decided it was perfectly acceptable to make a large batch of cookie dough dip (of the chickpea variety) and eat it for dinner. We had other stuff too, but just to make sure we got all of our food groups in before we ate big bowls of cookie dough. With vanilla soy yogurt. Divine. I had it the next day too, and for lunch today. Some women crave chocolate, apparently I crave cookie dough.

Being a Typical Vegan



On a more vegetable centric note, I’ve also been loving on sprouts lately. I’ve been putting them on everything. This is the third container this week!



Also Figs. So gosh darn pretty!




aaaaawwwwwww!!!! I want a pet piggie!!!!!!!!!








Got my shirt made, my schedule assigned…Its beginning to look a lot like senior year baby!!!!

Whoop Whoop!!!

Aaalllright time to finish my essay now. No more excuses!!!

What have you been loving lately?

Are you a “chocolate craver” or is there something else that tends to strike your fancy? of course, after I ate my cookie dough, someone on TV had a piece of german chocolate cake and I was like ‘THAT. THAT is what I want”. haha!

7 thoughts on “Friday Faves 8/9

  1. That smoothie cookbook looks fantastic; I would love to make all of them as well, I am sure! Your dog is absolutely adorable, and she seems like such a sweet and “helpful” companion. That cookie dough dip looks delicious, though I haven’t yet tried the version with chickpeas. Does it taste “beany” at all, or does the chocolate taste mask that? There are definitely times when I crave chocolate–sometimes regular dark chocolate, sometimes brownies, sometimes chocolate cake, and sometimes chocolate truffles. I made a vegan chocolate truffle recipe recently from Oh She Glows that used coconut milk and melted chocolate chips, and they were SO tasty!! You have quite a busy senior schedule, especially with all those AP classes. I loved AP Psychology, but AP Government was not exactly my forte…I never took AP Literature, but I did take AP English Language/Composition during my sophomore year (an online course for home schoolers), and it was a great class as well. Good luck on your essay; I am sure it will be awesome!

  2. Your dog is adorable!!! Don’t you just love great deals? I can’t believe it was only 10cents, you must be a great bargain hunter. I too love pigs, they are just SO cute. Every time I go to the animal shelter I try to convince my mom we should get a pig, I never win. But I do know someone who owns a pig and it is just the cutest. Good luck with Senior year! Not to get you thinking about it, if you haven’t already, but have you looked into colleges yet? Or have an interest in a specific major? I know a lot of kids have a clue as to their major but go in undecided just incase they change their mind it makes it easier to switch and some kids really just don’t know and that’s perfectly fine too!

  3. I’ve been doing anything and everything to avoid my summer assignments, so here I am commenting on your blog! That little table is SO adorable! I love anything that’s a bargain! Oh and that cookbook! YUM! I’m really into smoothies and 365 recipes sounds amazing! You look so pretty in red lipstick. I’m usually pretty pale (for some reason I’m not right now?? But yayyy!) so it sometimes looks weird on me. You, however, pull it off perfectly! And that pig? YES! I’m in love with those itty bitty teacup pigs. I seriously have at least 1 fight with my mom a year around Christmastime because I want a pig so badly. They’re adorable! Senior year is SO exciting! I’m a junior, so I’m jealous! Have you started looking at colleges yet? (I know everyoneeee and their mother asks you this but still!) Also, your cookie dough dip looks amazing! I bought all the ingredients to try and make my own but I haven’t gotten around to it. I’m actually not a big chocolate fan, so I totally crave cookie dough. It’s normal I swear! πŸ™‚ You and your mom are so cute though! Cookie dough for dinner is so perfect and fun! xx

  4. Love, love your dog – too cute!!
    Omg senior year, how exciting! I feel like I just started mine, but that was two years ago. It really flies by so be sure to enjoy it! πŸ™‚
    I’m definitely a chocolate craver! Though I do tend to crave any and all things sweet haha. Cookie dough dip for dinner?! Why was I not invited?? πŸ˜›

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