A Marvelous Weekend!!

Happy Monday everyone!! Yes, I know I’m a little late to the part (its only 7:30 in CA though!!), but my weekend was just too good not to share!!



And before we get started, can we please all give a virtual hug to Katie and her little cutie Rocco? Oh my goodness what a little sweetheart! Ahhh I love babies!As I said, this weekend was such a jam packed and fun filled one!! I started off Saturday morning bright and early with my first ever hill run! Jed, our Team Veg captain, picked me up so I could go with him on his training run in Auburnphoto 1-91Our heat wave finally ended (92 baby!!!) and so early in the morn in the mountains was absolutely beautiful!! There were a couple of other ladies running with us, so I didn’t have to worry about keeping up with Jed the whole time (he is fast and those hills were intense. )I wish I had run with my phone to share pictures with you all! Pine trees and hills and a river- breathtaking! Good thing these are every other Saturday so I can take a picture next time!photo 2-96After the run, we went down to the river off the trail to cool off and clean off. It had warmed up nicely so the water was perfect for swimming, and so clear!!My mom then met us at Animal Place, a farm sanctuary close to where we were running, because it was their 24th anniversary!photo 4-85photo 5-58photo 1-90I love farm sanctuaries so much!! This little piggy had the right idea-see that bucket? It was her water bucket until she decided to turn it over and make a mud puddle instead. Refreshing ;)And the best part? It was a Pig-Out party!!! They asked everyone to bring a melon, which we then threw over the fence to the piggies to eat. Easily one of the most amusing things ever.

After this we drove home, and I brought Sophie over to my friend’s house for a doggie playdate

photo 2-95


Another friend and her pomeranian met us at the park, oh my goodness it was so cute to see them all playing!!

On Sunday, we had a beleated 4th of July BBQ with some Team Veg friends…

Well, we were going to have a BBQ. But Jed recently went Raw. So it turned into a Raw-B-Q. Plus grilled corn 😉

photo 3-94


We had grilled corn, raw veggie burgers with guac and cashew cheese, fruit and home made kale chips (that Leslie brought!)!

photo 4-84



I made the veggie burgers using this recipe from Rawesome Vegan Life as the burger base, but with my own mix of flavors and spices, plus more mushrooms. They were delicious!!!

For dessert we had some raw cheesecake that Jed made

photo 2-94


Which was delicious and so dense!!

I also made some raw vegan drumsticks using this recipe from Nouveau Raw…





I added vanilla and almond butter to the ice cream, and used a bit of dark cocoa powder (in addition to the cacao) to the coating. The only problem is that we have a round dehydrator so I made them small and flat haha!! But boy were these delicious! So making them again! A drumstick that doesn’t give you a tummy ache!!

And the last marvelous thing? I got my new Team Veg shirt!




It makes me feel like a real boy!! runner 😉 I feel legit.

So that was my marvelous weekend!!

How was yours? Got any plans for the week? Tomorrow I’m dying my hair again, so I’ve got six hours of plastic head to look forward to!! hahah woo!


7 thoughts on “A Marvelous Weekend!!

  1. I’ve been wanting to make that exact same raw veggie burger–glad to hear it turned out well! Those raw drumsticks look incredible as well and I’ll definitely have to try them out since I love raw desserts, even more than regular vegan desserts.

    I laughed at what you said at the beginning of the post because I feel the same way every time I post for WIAW. I’m in Colorado, so I’m always one or two hours behind most bloggers and I’m always late to the party haha!

    • They were awesome! I have to make them again soon, because I would so love to have them on hand! I’m not sure what your flax pancake recipe was, but I think the cones were a variation of a flax pancake that were then rolled and extra-dehydrated. Delicious in any count!

  2. Looks like you had an amazing weekend last week! AMAZING!
    You’re an awesome cook and you’re so lucky to have so many people to have healthy food parties with!! Haha jealous! Send some of those foods over some time. Especially the kale chips!! Those are so good but so expensive for the tiny containers they come in. 😦

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