WIAW: Heat Wave Cold Food

Happy WIAW again guys!!! You may have noticed I gave my blog a little face lift – or not if you’ve been checkin me out via google reader (RIP) or Feedly:) I switched to Feedly a while ago, but lately I’ve been cheating on it with bloglovin’ -I can’t commit. But anyway, face lift! huh? huh? You like it? Yes? No? Maybe? WIAW! Right.

So I’ve noticed a common theme this week: Simple, cold, (often sweet) Vitamix-lovin food and ALL THE CHOCOLATE! What can I say, the heat brings out the dessert lover in me 🙂

Breakfasts have been a lot of this:


Smoothie Bowl…(mixed berries, spinach, flax, tropical vega, and granola)


Smoothie Bowl…




Aaannnddd another smoothie bowl. This time it was banana-mango-pineapple-ginger, lemon, spinach, and tropical vega topped with strawberries, almonds, and granola -in an almost empty soy yogurt container (edges). Like OIAJ but smoothie in a carton haha

Lunches have been really simple also:


Taco salad (beans and tortilla underneath, so by the end I have a burrito) pre-salsa



Salad with a side of roasted sweet potatoes (roast em in the early morn!)


And then there was this one day where I broke out the pressure cooker and made black beans and quinoa. This, too, is pre salsa. Nice to change it up a bit!!

Dinners have had a little more thought put into them (at least, the ones I take pictures of…because sometimes we are lazy and snack our way through dinner aka a cereal course, a beans/tofu-straight-out-of-the-fridge course, a veggie course…it happens 😉 )


To celebrate National Vegan Pizza Day I made a Hawaiian BBQ pizza! I found a delightful looking cauliflower pizza crust from the Fitchen that Amelia had posted about the other day-I used part almond flour and part chickpea flour, and topped it with a sauce I made from fire roasted tomatoes, tomato paste, bbq sauce, and spices, plus veggies, red and green onion, bbq tempeh and chickpeas, and pineapple. This was delicious! My only change would be to make the crust into individual pizzas and not try to make it one crust, because I spread it too thin and it got crumbly in the middle -but it was still awesome.


Another night I was feeling pretty fancy and decided to use the fresh vegan ravioli we picked up at the Farmers Market, and spiced up my leftover pizza sauce. Okay guys: Fresh Ravioli >>>Frozen. Its awesome, and this was even after being in the fridge for a few days. I can’t even imagine what its like made day-of! New favorite pasta right there.

Oh yeah, and all of that sweet, cold, chocolate? Every single snack has been dessert, basically.


Chocolate peanut butter icerageous (name an old coffee place gave to their icy frappucino drinks)


These. So good frozen!


A peach pie smoothie


As well as peach pie ice cream! It came out really good, but I didn’t write down any amounts! I could probably guess though, if you guys are interested 🙂


This chocolate chip banana cookie pie. Really good


A Chocolate cake with a frosting I concocted out of cocoa powder, avocado, shelled chickpeas, maple syrup, vanilla, stevia, and espresso powder. Tip! Want a double layer cake but not an entire cake that will last for days on end? Bake a single layer, cut it in half, and frost it regular: You’re left with half a cake!! Sooo good


We heard that Tutti Frutti is now offering a vegan soybean froyo, so we had to go check it out! Unfortunately, they were almost out of fresh fruit, and the yogurt was meh -it just tasted sweet to me, no tang! Fortunately I topped mine with every color of the rainbow. It kinda made up for the meh yogurt.


‘Cookie dough’ soy yogurt, mixed plain with some peanut flour, vanilla, oats and chocolate chips

photo 5-56

The Chocolate Cherry Matcha Shake I shared with you yesterday

And of course:


Chocolate avocado pudding. I have no idea how many avocados, nor how much cocoa powder, I’ve been through this week, but its a little abnormal. Oh well, I think I’m a chocolate person now 😉

Sweet or savory? It really depends on my mood, when I was little I was totally into the savory ( I put salt on watermelon, and ate peanut butter and butter sandwiches. Ew.) But now, I’d say more sweet. Which is weird because I don’t like too sweet, just desserty…

Simple or elaborate? I love putting together elaborate plates, so pretty, but 99.9% of the time, I just throw stuff in a bowl or blender and call it good!


11 thoughts on “WIAW: Heat Wave Cold Food

  1. youaremysavior. Every bit of this looks delicious. I just bought sweet potatoes and kombucha squash. They are just begging to be roasted. In your opinion, are they tastier roasted or steamed? I have never tried kombucha squash…I need some advice ❤

    • ROASTED!!! Oh my holy cow roasted haha! Usually I cut them up (I do potatoes and squash the same way) and put them in a roasting pan (like for turkey 😦 ) with a leeeettttllleee water on the bottom so it doesn’t burn, covered at 425 for roughly an hour (give or take), just check them with a fork. I like to uncover them for the last 15 minutes or so to let them get all caramelly. The squash is good as is or with ketchup (skin is edible and good, but bloating) and sweet potatoes are good every which way:) Also, if you havent yet, try japanese sweet potatoes- they have purple skin and white flesh and are so so good roasted!

  2. I’m a total sweet person, but just like you I hate it when things get too sweet. Dessert-like, yes, but with half the sugar! If you’d ask me what I like best, I’d have to say fat. I’d rather have a 99% fatty chocolate square than a dry, overly sweet low-fat muffin all the time! (Although I adore muffins!)

    • See but then you put peanut butter on the muffin and all is healed 😉 But I totally know what you mean -except I would prefer chocolate avocado pudding than chocolate in bar form:) mmmm pudding…

  3. Everything looks so good…I’m loving all the chocolate-y stuff! I like stuff sweet, but only if it’s supposed to be, and not like typical dessert-level sweet. When I make desserts, I usually just sweeten with maple syrup or stevia so it’s not way too sweet. I still have yet to perfect the chocolate avocado pudding, but yours looks amazing!

    • Exactly!! The only thing I can stand being reeaalllyyyy sweet (in an unnatural way) is vanilla milk (warm milk with vanilla and sweetener), which I’ve been making since I was like 5 except now I use almond milk and stevia. I only like it super sweet because its a nostalgia thing haha!Other than that only just sweet enough to be desserty but nothing crazy! Avocado pudding is hard if the avocado is super avocado-y (some are less I guess? haha). I like putting it with lots of Hersheys Special Dark Chocolate (hey, if its the only corporate, super processed thing I use then thats okay) and vanilla, stevia, a little almond milk and a pinch of sea salt -super dark and rich:) To break up the avocado sometimes I add banana, leftover squash/swt. potato, or shelled garbanzo beans -which helps with the avocadoeyness (thats a word ;))

  4. I am possibly rather a savory person… Most of the times,at least.
    I don’t know why,but too much sweetness turns me off – seriously. My sister is completely different and takes those little bags of sugar you get at the bakeries for your coffee and empties them into her mouth?!
    So hardcore,I swear!

    • aaahhhhh!!!! I know people who used to do that!! (I think I did that once…) Even worse? My step sister used to down the little individual coffee creamers like she was taking shots -they didn’t even taste good! Like unsalted butter yuck. shudders.

  5. Once again all of your food sounds and looks super creative. If that’s what you call throwing stuff together what would elaborate meals look like to you :)?
    As weird as it might sound I’d currently consider myself a sweet-and-salty person. Chocolate needs to be around in anyway but lately I’ve been adding a sprinkling of salt to my sweet yogurt bowls.
    Peach Pie Ice cream sounds amazing and I’ve actually been thinking about breaking out the ice cream maker again once at my parents’. So if you could share the recipe …

    • Ooohhh I like sweet and salty too! Like chocolate with nuts or pretzels? Yeah…thats good. Aaannnddd I would share the recipe bbbuuuutttt now its been a while and I kinda forgot it…sorry! I will make it once more eventually!!! Perhaps add some peaches, flax, and cinnamon/ginger to a vanilla ice cream base? Oh but make sure you stir some peach chunks in at the end too!

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