WIAW summer (finally!) edition

Happy first WIAW of Summer Break!! Whoo!!! Let’s give a round of applause to the lovely Jenn who puts on this party!!

I’ve made it my goal this summer to try and have one smoothie or juice every day (or at least almost every day), and so I’ve been starting every morning out with a green smoothie! It’s nice to wake up my tummy and body with all those nutrients so easily available, and it has so far seemed to wake me up and prevented bloating through out the day (sorry, I get bloated easily…#addictedtowatermelon #andsquash 😉 )


The past few days I’ve had it with apple, celery, lemon, ginger, water or coconut water, spinach and ice, and today I exchanged the ice and apple for frozen watermelon and added some parsley 🙂


After my smoothie its time for breakfast!!! oats with blueberries and peanut butter…


and stepping way outside my comfort some with a PBB(C)BJ. Hahaha! This was like, 3 fear foods at the same time :bread (more than 1 slice), a banana (one of the still wary fruits for me) and generally a PBJ. And what, pray tell, is the (C)B part??


Coconut Bacon!! Please, please, please go make this ‘bacon’. It is addicting and amazing and insanely like bacon, as in it has the crunch texture that tempeh does not. I never even liked real bacon before I was vegan (too greasy and often burned) but this, this was delicious. But follow the directions. I know someone who almost shunned the recipe because she used shredded coconut, hot sesame oil, too much liquid smoke, and then burned it. Yeah, don’t do that. Do it this way…

Oh and by the way, the sandwich was delicious 😉 (tangent: Like my blueberry smile? That was a fail at cutting a loaf of bread, I only got the crust haha)

photo 3-55

Of course, I didn’t follow my routine when I made yesterday’s Cake Batter Milkshake for breakfast. Because it felt a little silly to have a smoothie followed by a smoothie ;).


Lunches have mostly been salads. Obviously! They are such a perfect canvas: This one had lentils, grapes, broccoli, pepper, BBQ world peas, and a creamy dressing out of ketchup and a home made vegan tofu mayo. Plus squash on the side. Why fix something if it ain’t broke?


Apple, cucumber, honey mustard, basalmic, and sea salt chickpeas that I won from Caitlin’s giveaway. They were kind enough to send me four flavors of chickpeas and one bar, since two of the three bars had dairy.


They came in the mail right as we were leaving for a shopping trip, so they came in perfect handy when it was snack time! I thought these ones tasted like spicy fruit loops. I think everything with lime in it tastes like fruit loops though haha!


These were my favorite of the savory ones! I haven’t tried the cinnamon ones, or the trail mix bar yet, but I am soon!! Thank you Caitlin, for my new addiction 😉


Of course, I have switched it up a bit for lunches too! We made breakfast for lunch one day, with banana cinnamon french toast made with fresh Health Starts Here bread from Whole Paycheck, topped with fresh fruit, and a tofu scramble with more coconut bacon on top:)

One thing I haven’t taken a picture of? The sheer MASS of fresh fruit I’ve been eating. Like, at least my weight in fruit. Cherries, melon, berries, apples, you name it:) Summer, you’re my favorite:)


I made sun tea for the first time ever!!! This was ginger peach, and it was so delicious!!

photo-129I also had my first evolution juice! It was…saltier…than I expected (celery) but really good!! I want a juicer so bad!!!


We finished off the last of that raw german chocolate cake from Practically Raw (chef amber shea’s blog). If you have this cookbook, make this now. If you don’t, go get the cookbook (its an ebook) and make it now. Sooo good:)

photo 3-50

And, of course, my Birthday Cake Ice Cream🙂 This is post photo shoot, Yes its in a glass. Yes I licked it anyway. Ice cream tastes better without that pesky spoon amiright???

Don’t forget to check in later for day 3 of Birthday Week!! I have some cookies for youu!!!!!

Screen Shot 2013-06-02 at 4.42.45 PM

How’s your summer been lately??


6 thoughts on “WIAW summer (finally!) edition

  1. yay i’m so glad that you love the good bean dried chickpeas. THEY ARE SO GOOD. i just recently got a few more bags myself 🙂 mmmm. you will love the cinnamon! those were the last i tried too because i adore savory stuff but the cinnamon blew me away. they looked and tasted like a cinnamon cereal minus the sugar and plus protein! also that banana PB sandwich looks way fab.

  2. Hi, I really love your blog! I was just wondering how you make your oatmeal. It always looks soooo good and filling, but mine never is. I know you’re vegan, so you don’t use eggs or dairy milk. How do you make it filling enough? I’d love the recipe 😉 Thanks

    • Hi Phoebe!! I usually make my oats with water, fruit, some kind of flavor (generally lots of cinnamon. Like, ALOT of cinnamon. I like cinnamon), ground flax and nut butter, but they really are a blank canvas!! Try cooking them in almond milk or soy milk, adding more toppings (denser fruits, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, etc.),mixing nut butter in or putting it on top, and if it’s not filling you up, eat more!! The oats, fruit, and flax have lots of good healthy fiber, and the nut butter is full of healthy, satiating fats and protein:) I love oats because I can make whatever flavor or combination I like:) Also, it’s fun to switch it up, Have you tried baked oats or overnight oats?

      • Thanks! Do you typically use around 2 tbsp of nut butter? I’m pretty much over almond butter being a ‘fear food’, do I’d like to get comfortable using more!

      • More or less!! Using nut butter on oats was a huge fear food for me, but starting out with something I was comfortable with and then increasing as I felt necessary:) now I just scoop a big spoon and if I want more, I add more!! Once you are comfortable with the almond butter, try other nut butters as well-I was terrified of cashew butter but I challenged myself, made my own, and now it’s my favorite! It’s like frosting on your breakfast! But again, challenge yourself and do what feels right for you! Feel free to email me if you ever would like to talk (up on the contact page:) ) good luck!!!

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