Let it Begin:)

Hey everyone!!! Sorry I haven’t been posting for a few days, but I’m gonna make up for it I swear!! First of all, Lets hear it for the first Marvelous Monday of Summer!!!

So, What have I been doing in my spare time??



Besides enjoying my lazy free time?



I celebrated my first day of summer with a chocolate milkshake studded with brownie pieces, because I could 😉

And then I cleaned out my binder…



Actually make that 6 pounds of papers I no longer need (I found another stash after this). No wonder my arms ached after the school day!!



I’ve been doing some baking (a raw german chocolate cake from the Practically Raw cookbook)



…and some cleaning 😉 Note to myself: Scoop, don’t pour.



Drinking lots of smoothies



And conquering fear foods !! Delicious might I add!

And most marvelous of all?!?! My birthday is one week from today!! I’ll be turning the big 1-7, and you can bet I’m using this as an excuse to blog more often! I am here by declaring this week to be

Screen Shot 2013-06-02 at 4.42.45 PM



(like my home made graphic from Paint? hahaha I’m such a noob!)

At first I thought, doesn’t it seem a little self centered to focus an entire week on the internet to my birthday? Then I thought, Nah!!! Its my blog and if I want sprinkle themed recipes everyday, by gosh I’ll have them!!

So, my friends, I am attempting something I have never attempted before. It is my goal to give you a brand new, birthday themed, sprinkle adorned recipe every day this week, finished off with a cake that (hopefully) will blow your glittery socks off. Are you ready?!?

The first recipe will go up tonight…

Happy Monday!!!!

How has your summer been? Or are you still waiting?

6 thoughts on “Let it Begin:)

  1. I just found your blog and I really love it. Happy Almost Birthday! I always celebrate my birthday WEEK not just the day (; It looks like you had a delicious day of many snacks! That chocolate shake looks delicious. I always feel like I have a lot more than 6 pounds worth of paper at the end of the year. This year, I didn’t even take it home, I just threw it all out at school. Hopefully I didn’t need anything. Props to you for going threw it all, and so soon after school let out!

    • Haha thats a good idea!! I would just feel guilty if any of my teachers saw me 😉 Usually I keep it around for at least a few months to a couple years, but as I was going through my, what, 7th grade math homework one day I was like “wait. Why do I need this?” never again haha. And thank you, you are so sweet!

  2. I love sprinkleeees! So excited for your birthday {and the recipes haha} already! 🙂
    After having practically NO sun this year,it’s finally getting warmer and MUCH nicer outside around here which makes me so happy! I am a girl who needs the sun to be happy; I can’t to the rain and cold anymore…
    Your dog is such a cutie,by the way… So fluffy I’m gonna diiieee! 😉

    • Haha thank you!!! I need the sun to function too, shoot I even wrote my practice personal statement essay about it!! My stepdad calls me a ‘wimpy flatlander’ -just because I wear four layers when its 40 degrees outside doesn’t mean I’m a wimp right?!?! Haha its currently 95 and I am a happy bug 😉 And thank you! She is quite the little diva haha

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