WIAW-just desserts (well, almost)

Happy Wednesday! If, in fact, you are reading this on Wednesday, and if it happens to be 12:05 pacific time, that means I am 24 hours away from SUMMER!!! yessss….

So this week I just so happened to take a lot of photos of dessert. It happens sometimes. I ate other stuff too, but you know, not as pretty πŸ˜‰


My sister, myself, and my brother πŸ™‚ (told you I was short)

First and fore mostly, I want to congratulate my big sister on her college graduation!! I love her so much, and I couldn’t be more proud of her! She already has a job with the state too!

I was all caught up in the celebration and didn’t snap a photo of the food at the party, but (with the exception of the chicken) it was all vegan and delicious!


okay so I took a picture of the cupcake-priorities πŸ˜‰ Strawberry lemonade-and I may have split a red velvet with my mom too…delicious


Normal food! We ate dinner at a place called Lettuce, which was like a build your own salad (think subway or coldstone), and they also had soup and quinoa salad (pasta, dessert, sandwiches, fresh bread, etc too) It was amazing. I do strongly believe they should become a chain!


Matcha tea latte made with almond milk from whole foods -so frothy!! Can I please have a milk frother and fluff all the drinks? Please?


A yummy portabella burger (i have to check every time I spell that) on the bbq! We also had grilled cabbage with an avocado balsamic dressing. Super yum.


Aaannnddd because I wanted to prove to you my watermelon addiction. See this bowl? This is a very large bowl. It was filled to the brim-overfilled actually-with an entire watermelon on monday afternoon. This is what it looked like Tuesday afternoon. 24 hours allbymyself. *i don’t have a problem πŸ˜‰


I just thought this onion was pretty…

photo-122Ahhh yes, on to dessert!!! Here we have chocolate pudding…


(sweet potato black bean) brownies (and strawberries)


Hot Chocolate… well, its supposed to be raw, but I killed it and made it hot chocolate πŸ˜‰


This is very different, but good! Its a not too sweet, creamy cacao drink with warming spices and excellent stats! If you are looking for a traditional cocoa, just add a touch more sweetness and its awesome, otherwise its a good drink to get that chocolate craving without triggering that ineedmorechocolate button (you know what I’m talking about-the sweeter and richer the chocolate, the more you want ;). Very, sophisticated, tasting.


And that Raw Carrot Cake I raved about last week! I made another one hehe.


Its all gone now…:(

Happy Wednesday, and Happy Almost Summer!!

8 thoughts on “WIAW-just desserts (well, almost)

  1. That’s a great picture of you and your siblings, and don’t worry–there’s nothing wrong with being short;) That food from Lettuce looks delicious, and much more versatile than restaurants like Subway. You can only eat so many Veggie Delight sandwiches…That portobello mushroom burger looks fantastic as well; those mushrooms make a great burger substitute. And apparently, you can spell “portobello” different ways, so either “portobello” or “portabella” can be correct. I just thought that was interesting…That raw chocolate mix looks delicious, and much tastier and complex than the standard Swiss Miss or Hershey’s mix. Someday I will make that raw carrot cake when I have all the ingredients–those pictures look amazing.

    • Thanks!! And I know right! Its funny, at first you get excited because theres a ‘normal’ restaurant you can eat at, but then your all like “oh yay. a vegetable sandwich. yum…” haha! I think I like portabellas even better than veggie burgers, they take on so much flavor and have a wonderful texture!! And yay, good to know that even when I spell it wrong its still right πŸ˜‰

  2. Raw carrot cake?! How did I miss that one? Going to go check it out πŸ™‚ I do the same thing with raw food products often, then feel guilty because I know it tastes extra effort for them to keep the food raw. It’s like a sin haha πŸ˜‰ Congrats to your sister!

  3. Anytime I see the words Carrot Cake, the biggest smile just appears on my face! Definitely heading to check out the recipe! YUM

  4. Awww! Love the pic of you and your siblings! Definitely a good looking bunch! πŸ˜‰

    That Lettuce restaurant sounds awesome! And seriously? I bought a milk frother from IKEA back in January and I swear for a month drank nothing but frothy drinks! Lol

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