Marvelous in my Monday

It’s simply marvelous that I am actually home and free to do a post after school for the first time in ages:) No more shows, no more AP tests, barely any homework, and my only final is in French!!! Lets get the party started!!

It’s simply marvelous that I have time to make new recipes and revisit others

photo 4-41

It’s simply marvelous that I can bake for my mom’s staff development…

photo 5-22

and have them go over so well that only one muffin remains with people begging for the recipe 🙂

It’s simply marvelous to just be goofy with friends

photo 2-51

It’s simply marvelous to have dogs that always look like puppies, and have mastered the art of begging


It’s simply marvelous that my only homework is working on personal statement essays

photo 4-44

and that I have blog posts to turn to for essay starters

It’s simply marvelous to try out new recipes, and love them (like this amazing raw carrot cake)

photo 3-49

It’s simply marvelous to go to the movies and drool over Chris Pine (you know you do to)


It’s incredibly marvelous that there are only five full and two half school days until



Whats your marvelous?

4 thoughts on “Marvelous in my Monday

  1. Haha,my dog does THE SAME! Begging all the time,whenever someone pulls out food… It’s so mean because I just can’t bear looking into his big brown eyes without giving in!
    Anyhoo,my marvelous is reading you again more often! ❤
    Missed you so much,girl!

  2. I am so glad you have more time to blog now, and are basically finished with school–that must be a huge relief! That’s awesome that your muffin recipe went over so well; you must have great talent in muffin-making:) Your dog is quite adorable, and definitely seems to have perfected the art of begging…That raw carrot cake recipe looks amazing; I will have to try it out sometime. Carrot cake is one of my favorite desserts, and I would love to try a raw version of it.

    • Hahaha aww thanks!! And it is soo good! I just finished off the last of it and the worst part is that I can’t go ‘even out’ the cake anymore!!

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