WIAW: Something old, Something new, and Someone easily amused

Happy WIAW guys!!!Thank you to the Lovely Jenn (that is her name now, Lovely Jenn πŸ˜‰ ) for this party every week. Now Lets get started!photo-79Breakfasts are nothing new usually (you all know I like my oats and nut butter) -Im generally on auto pilot in the mornings. But wait! What is that flavor of nut butter???photo-72Ahhhh!!!! Look what came to my grocery store!!! πŸ˜€ The vanilla espresso was highest on my list and it is amazing (honey pretzel-you are next)photo-70Also, it is delicious in Katie’s Cookie Dough Dip (made with dates, espresso nut butter, and eaten solely with a spoon because I have no shame)photo-76But with the return of warmer days (and also spring break so longer mornings) come breakfast parfaits! whoop!! This was vanilla-almond-cinnamon overnight oats, lemony soy yogurt, berries and pears, and cascading farms ‘fruit loops’.photo-68I made these just a few days ago, and every single one is gone (whomp whomp). At least that massive craving for banana nut bread is satisfied! Keep a lookout for a carroty easter version within the week (aka as soon as our carrot supply is replenished-teehee sorry i eat all the carrots)photo-84Hey look! Its my favorite salad! (beans, veggies, squash, cranberries and mustard)photo-73And then another salad because I was pretending it was summer and caved on the Driscolls. They were unsatisfactoryphoto-74Obviously I didn’t care and just ate them with chocolate (pudding)photo-75But then it got all cold and rainy so I decided to roast some potatoes and carrots and that turned into all the veggies and that turned into stew. Still in the roasting pan…(fun to wash)photo-83photo-77I like kombucha. It makes me feel like a yogi.photo-86I also like popcorn. I often stand there mesmerized by the magic of an air popper πŸ˜‰photo-71Last night I made mexican pizzas for all! Brown rice tortilla topped with refried beans, shredded veggies, and asparagus/onion/corn cooked with salsa, popped in the oven at 400 until warm and crispy. It was kinda like a gigantic nacho!Anndd in other news:photo-69I go to Trader Joes for my nuts (they were out of almond butter again! Blast! So I had to make my own)photo-81Someone posted this on Facebook….hehehephoto-78AND I GOT MY PROM DRESS!!!!!!!! AHHHHHH I FEEL LIKE A PRINCESS!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ :DHappy Wednesday everyone!!!!Are you easily amused/distracted?Β I am most definitely. Just ask my friends…for instance, yesterday I was at Target with my best friend having a completely normal conversation when I caught the bedding aisle out of the corner of my eye, and veered over while saying “pink?”…uh yeah πŸ™‚

12 thoughts on “WIAW: Something old, Something new, and Someone easily amused

  1. OMG,you don’t only feel like a princess,you LOOK like a princess as well,dear! In fact,you remind me of Ariel – and believe me,THAT is the HIGHEST compliment that will ever coma across my lips!
    P.S. I want Vanilla Espresso nut butter… NOW.

    • Thank you so much Kat, you are so sweet!! I love Disney Princesses πŸ™‚ I definitely feel like one! My friends and I are all dressing up like them, Ariel, Anastasia, and Jasmine, for our Alice in Wonderland themed prom:)

      • Oh my,I am SO jealous right now! Please take a looot of pictures,I really really want to see you gals and at least imagine I’d been there myself πŸ˜‰

  2. Those flavors of nut butter look fantastic; I would love to try them some day!! I love kombucha as well, though I try to only drink the ones that say “MAY contain a trace of alcohol” instead of the ones stating “contain a trace of alcohol.” The word “may” makes me feel less guilty about drinking something that could possibly contain some alcohol…I just hope they don’t! That Mexican pizza looks amazing, and much easier to create than a regular pizza. Your prom dress is gorgeous, and you look absolutely beautiful in it!! So lovely:)

    • hahahaha I figure the amount is no more than communion wine or Vanilla extract so Im good once in a while, just not the ones you actually have to be 21 to buy!!! And thank you so much!!!

    • Thank you!! I found mine at Bel Air (Raley’s, Nob Hill, Vons, its a CA chain I think) but check your grocery store and online too!! And I haven’t tried the rest yet, but the Vanilla Espresso-totally worth it πŸ™‚

  3. Gorgeous! You look fantastic in that dress and I’m sure your prom will be awesome. When is it going to be?
    Haha, I’m SO easily distracted. It’s especially irritating for others when I’m jumping from one thought to a – seemingly totally different one – in my head as I’m talking to others. To me it’s something (loosely) related to the topic but it makes no sense to others :D.

    • haha thanks! Its on Saturday (13th, wow I am bad at replying in a timely manner!). Ha and completely the same for me! Sometimes its even random enough that it could be silent in the room and I start mid-sentence and no one knows what I am talking about haha!

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