WIAW Eat Pretty

Whoop Whoop!!!! Its WIAW Time!!!!And its almost Valentines Day too!!(double yay!)Speaking of I went to a vegan Valentine’s cookie exchange the other night554160_539053652784293_423973140_n(typical vegans eating salads haha)And I came home with THIS:

69271_539051752784483_1609557508_nI decided to challenge myself and designate a variety of cookies for myself to actually eat and I’ve been keeping up with that challenge and it is delicious! I can’t even remember the last time I ate a real cookie (homemade without trying to be healthy) sans anxiety but man have I missed it!!But cookies aren’t the only thing I’ve been eating…photo-17photo-15My love affair with oatmeal and melty nut butter continues…photo-14And it celebrates Mardi Gras! Blue(purple)berry, green pear and (yellow) lemon oatmeal topped with cashew butter and SPRINKLES!!!! Seriously why don’t I put sprinkles on my oats more often? They make me so happy!! So many colors!!You know what this made me realize? I am a sucker for presentation. Really,I love to eat pretty!!photo-13Pretty and colorful!! We recreated our favorite Dos Coyotes salad! A warm, Trader Joes brown rice tortilla topped with Amy’s vegetarian refried beans, a multitude of rainbow-y veggies, and lots of salsa (added post pic)photo-18Feeling the mexican this week, as my mother made us veggie fajitas for lunch the other day! Soo tasty!IMG_1477While not every meal is exactly pretty, they are always very tasty!! Here we have the finished product of Leanne’s Creamy Broccoli and Chick’un Casserole. OMG MAKE THIS NOW. She has magical powers, I swear. Not only was this incredible, but her pictures came out gorgeous! There were no leftovers, and rest assured this will be making repeat appearances.IMG_1450Other times I make sure my meals are pretty for the picture, because they sure as heck won’t be afterwards! Case in point: Lovely BBQ Chile/stew on top of quinoa and steamed kale. Pretty right? Well, afterwards I dumped so much nutritional yeast on it, it looked like a bowlful of (delicious) yellow.IMG_1482And to finish off the night: Soy yogurt with cinnamon and cocoa powder stirred in, topped with banana and PB Toast Crunch. It was popping up everywhere, and I just had to try it myself. I am all about whole foods, less processed, ya know. But YOU GUYS!!! This tastes peanut butter  Girl Scout cookies. Soooo…..its okay then right?? Yeah…Don’t forget to enter my Artisana Giveaway for a chance to try your very own pretty nut butters!!!!!Happy Valentines Day!!


4 thoughts on “WIAW Eat Pretty

  1. I love sprinkles,too,and I can {and do} put them in everything… Especially yogurt! Then,I stir a little and ta-daaaa: RAINBOW YOGURT! Heheee… I know,I am so childish. 😀
    Anyhoo,I wish they’d sell that PB Toast cereal around here…. I’d be dying to try it,really! I mean,Cinnamon Crunch Toast is amazing already… And if I only imagine the taste of PEANUT BUTTER CRUNCH TOAST… Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!! {Yes,I have a cereal problem.}

  2. That cookie exchange is a great idea, and all those cookies look delicious! I love making my food look colorful as well, though my pictures never look half as good as yours:P That casserole looks fantastic; I will have to make it some day. And I don’t think there is anything wrong with occasionally eating processed food–it won’t kill you to eat it once in a while, right?:) My younger sister absolutely adores cinnamon toast crunch, so I am sure she could relate to that! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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