WIAW: A day in the life (almost…)

Hi guys!! You know, I just realized that I rarely ever do an actual days of eats, I just kinda do a bunch of random photos I took throughout the week. SO-how about a real WIAW (slash monday kinda…)


A bowl of fruity oatmeal (mixed frozen berries plus extra blueberries and lemon stevia) with flax and a ginormous scoop of cashew butter (I make it myself and its half the cost of store bought). I love when it melts all over the oats like icing -but I save it for last anyway haha!


Okay well this was actually Saturday’s lunch, but the same basic idea haha! Salad with avocado, veggies, kabocha squash, chickpeas, cranberries and honey mustard -just switch out the squash for rice and stick it in tupperware and its mondays lunch! Still obsessed with the cranberry/mustard combo -sue me πŸ˜‰


I had an appointment after school, so I grabbed a snack to go. An apple and ‘trail mix’ -two different cinnamon cereals (cinnamon cheerios taste like churros) plus chocolate almonds. Best ever.


Ok ok. This was Sunday night’s dinner because what I made on Monday was ugly (but tasty. BBQ Tempeh, portobello, and brussels sprouts stir fry πŸ™‚ ) Baked sweet potato topped with onion/black bean/ corn mixture, salsa, and lots of guac! Side of brussels sprouts and cheater kale chips (if you use dino kale you don’t even have to piece it apart!)


Also I don’t have a picture of my night time snack that night so how about a pretty picture of chocolate gingerbread cake and sliced apple? I mean, I almost always have some form of fruit + chocolate at night anyway (Unless its a soy yogurt bowl -i go more fruity) sooo basically its all the same yeah?

Ok ok. I suck at thisΒ picture one days worth of eats thing…so look! More random food photos!


Tropical Grrreeeeeennnnnn monster (frozen banana and mango, coconut water, spinach, watercress, parsley, ginger, and some Vega tropical protein powder)


Every time I eat OIAJ I secretly think, “my breakfast is cooler than all the other breakfasts!” Anyone else? I had some this morning too…my stepdad and I go through nut butter like it’s our job, and I get all the jars πŸ˜‰


Culture clash dinner: Black bean chili on top of soba noodles. We called it mexican spaghetti. And then ate it with chopsticks.


Sticky Orange TempehΒ (<this is awesome. It was a little salty so I doubled the OJ and added a drop of orange stevia) on top of shredded dijon b’sprouts and kabocha.


And to end the post- cake and (trader joes soy) ice cream from my mommy’s birthday.

I’ve been challenging myself, adding in more fats, and just trying not to focus on whether a food is necessarily always healthy. Cheerios aren’t organic, and ice cream isn’t sugar free, but it all balances out. Isn’t that what really counts?


3 thoughts on “WIAW: A day in the life (almost…)

  1. All your eats look so delicious!! That fruity oatmeal looks amazing; I have only eaten cashew butter a few times, when I received a free sample of it from Artisana, and I LOVED it. Unfortunately, I haven’t had it in a few months, mainly because cashews are so expensive…Your oats in a jar look scrumptious; I go through almond butter super fast as well, even though I am the only one who eats it:) That sticky orange tempeh recipe sounds great; I will have to check it out. I completely agree that balance is what counts; it certainly won’t kill you to occasionally have some sugar or non-organic food! There was a point in my life when I would have shunned any food that didn’t meet my definition of “healthy,” but I have gotten much more relaxed in that sense. Though eating dairy, gluten, and refined sugar doesn’t feel great on my stomach, I no longer REFUSE to eat it when it is the only option.

  2. I love your approach to healthy eating! I still struggle sometimes with wanting to eat as cleanly as possible but there are things I love that have added sugar and whatnot that are still healthy, just not ‘perfectly clean’ and that’s okay to eat those things sometimes! It really is all about balance.

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