Sometimes I question my sanity…

You know, I don’t really post everything I take a picture of on my WIAW posts, sometimes I, invent, things that seem a little weird. Even to a foodie. It causes me to question my sanity.

I call it an artists license. I may not be able to draw, but I can sure come up with some creative combinations! For example…


If you decide to shell chickpeas for creamy hummus, did you know you can roast the ‘skins’? Waste not, want not! They end up with the same texture as nori,


What do you do with weird ‘meal accessories’? Stick it on a salad!!!


Speaking of salads, have I ever actually given you the recipe for my favorite salad? Whats strange about this one? Well, have you ever put cinnamon and ginger on kale and brussels sprouts??

My absolutely favorite, warming winter salad

  • lettuce or kale, massaged (in avocado/balsamic vinegar mix if you wish)
  • chickpeas
  • celery, cucumber,brussels sprouts, broccoli, beets, carrots, or other veggies (roasted is really good!) Pick your poison medicine 😉
  • Kabocha squash or sweet potato
  • honey mustard
  • cinnamon
  • cranberries, water, stevia, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger

Put all salad ingredients together in a big bowl! Meanwhile, make a quick cranberry sauce by putting cranberries and water to cover in a small bowl and microwaving for 1-1.5 minutes. Smash the berries with a fork and add stevia and spices to taste. Top salad with mustard and cranberry sauce. Eat as is, or its even better if you take it with you in a tupperware for lunch because the components all get tossed around and the squash acts like another dressing, a delicious pumpkiny dressing 🙂 I must eat a version of this every other day!


Think savory oats are weird? How about my favorite savory breakfast – Curry Oatmeal!! Yes, I top it with ketchup, What?

Curry Oatmeal

  • 1/2 C. oats
  • water
  • curry powder, garam masala, ginger, and cinnamon
  • shredded carrot, zucchini, and/or chopped frozen greens
  • apple, golden raisins, crasins etc.
  • pepper jelly and/or ketchup
  • shredded coconut, pumpkin seeds, or sesame seeds to garnish

Basically, you add the spices and fruits and veggies while its cooking, and then top with the condiments and nutty things. Whatever combo appeals, but trust me, its not as weird as it sounds!! I’ve been making this for the past year and a half, its not as uncommon in my house anymore.


Okay, so this one might be a little odd, but what are you gonna do when you get the idea for carrot cake tea? How about microwave a carrot in your mug with water and a spiced tea bag! I used gingerbread tea, but chai would be awesome too! Then add stevia and almond milk. It worked haha!!

So you see, not everything I eat is really ‘normal’ but hey, its Strange but Good!!

In other news, I finally got my drivers permit today!! It took 3 trips to the dmv, one to find out I needed to bring my birth certificate, one to wait in line for an hour only to be called 5 minutes after the test cut off time, and the last to actually get my permit. But I did it (and only 13 months late, chyeeaahhh).
Fun fact!! I was born in Yolo County!! Does this mean I have to come back when I’m old and gray?? haha!
Be sure to check out Laura’s link up party for other Strange but Good imaginations!!

3 thoughts on “Sometimes I question my sanity…

  1. I’ve roasted chickpeas before, nut never even thought about the skins. I love it! And the curry oats! You know I did Mexican this week… Indian is my second favorite cuisine (behind Mexican), so I’ll be trying this soon. Thanks for linking up!!

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