WIAW(hen winter break was still a reality)

Hey!! Happy WIAW!! Two days back into the routine, and I’m ready for the weekend already. 5:20 is too eeeaaaarrrllllyyy!!!!!

But, I know you guys aren’t here for complaints, you want the requisite food photos (duh). So here ya go!!!


Trader Joes Roasted Oats in a Jar. Yessss!!!!


Roasted brussels (on the stalk, soo good!!) and vegan mac n cheese (cannellini bean base, not quite mac n cheese. This recipe is definitely in the future!)


My favorite combination salad (kabocha, cranberries, honey mustard) with a begging Sophie in the backgroud. Have I mentioned my dogs are almost as addicted to kabocha as I am? They bark at us if we don’t give them any….


Peanut butter banana soft serve topped with dark chocolate sauce and pretzels. I really don’t care how cold it is outside, we had a banana build up in the freezer and I had a blanket.


These are ridiculous. ‘Nuff said.


Reunited with my favorite raw almond butter (TJ’s forever!!), on top of apple pie oats. Only need one pic because I basically ate this all week.


Except for today, when I had it with blueberry pancake oats (hint hint! Add a bit of baking powder to oatmeal and it tastes doughy, like pancakes 🙂 plus cinnamon and vanilla, obvs.)


Green enchiladas that my family has been making for years, evolving as our diets did. except we don’t actually roll them, so its more like green enchilasagna 🙂 but its delicious!! I will post a recipe someday!


And for dessert that night, I made Oh She Glows’s Pear Crisp for Two. Except I used cinnamon and coconut sugar, plus fig plum jam instead of coconut oil. It was delicious. Oh and I topped it with the flax ‘meringue’ I mentioned the other day. It worked!!! so frothy 🙂


It also works wonderfully to top lattes with, just like a real fancy drink haha!!! Its great, I have a container of ‘cappuccino foam’ in my fridge (my favorite part anyway!)


Chocolate tofu pudding topped with chocolate almonds…


and sometimes triple chocolate magic cookies 🙂 my chocolate genes have finally kicked in!!


Feeling very ambitious one night, I whipped up a wonderful end-of-break dinner for my family!

  • Orange Spiced Sweet Potatoes (sw. potatoes, satsuma orange juice, a dash of maple syrup, cinnamon, ginger, and cayenne pepper)
  • Curried chickpeas (chickpeas, curry powder, other random spices, and date-tamarind sauce)
  • basalmic-dijon brussels sprouts (carmelized red onion and mushroom in balsamic vinegar, then added the sprouts sliced thin, dijon, a little honey, and spices)


One more salad to balance it out (you know me. Addicted. Whatever its delicious!)

Happy WIAW!!



16 thoughts on “WIAW(hen winter break was still a reality)

  1. Yummm your food looks so delicous!!! Just one question- do your family eat meat and dairy or are they vegan too? If they do you are soo lucky! 🙂

    • Thank you! My mom is vegan, and my stepdad is mostly vegan but vegetarian when not at home. The other half of my family (dads side) most certainly isn’t though! But they finally accept it! Do you have family-vegan acceptance problems? (Sorry if personal) you can totally email me if you need any ideas!! 🙂

  2. Mmm, everything looks so flipping delicious! Trader Joe’s raw AB is my fave too! And I seriously need to try that trick with the baking powder…can’t believe I’ve never heard of that till now! I also need to get on that combo of the kabocha, cranberries, and honey mustard. I am a mustard-ADDICT…love love love!

    I hope you like the mac n’ cheese! Let me know how it comes out for ya! 😀

    Oh and ps, if you think those almonds are crazy good, you should try the sweet & salty peanut butter and chocolate mix…I have to buy them in single serving packs so I don’t overdo it! Lol

    • they make pb and chocolate nut mixes!!! Ahhh!!!! I saw the baking powder on a recipe for cake batter oats, it also makes the oatmeal super fluffy haha! And thank you thank you!!!

    • Thank you!! They should have it at WF in the non refrigerated section! Its Mori-Nu brand, in like a vacuum sealed box thing 🙂 I make the pudding with cocoa powder, tofu, almond milk, PB2, sweetener, xanthan gum, and flavors 🙂

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