WIAW! Merry Christmas (and other shenanigans)

hahaha…I like that word shenanigans

Okay okay. Maturity. Got it.

How was your Christmas/winter holiday??? Mine was simple, and interesting, but a very nice holiday overall 🙂 Christmas just hasn’t been the same since 2nd grade (when the entire month of December was full of gingerbread houses and christmas projects in class), but I’m starting to appreciate Christmas for the time spent with family and feelings of togetherness. Do you notice how much friendlier people seem to be around the holidays (NOT at the mall of course, but everywhere else haha)!

Oh yes, onto WIAW! I didn’t take a picture of everything, I was spending time with my family more than whipping out the camera haha!

On Christmas Eve, I spent the day doing last minute grocery shopping and present wrapping, and then celebrated with both families. First meeting up with my siblings and dad for dinner and early candle light service at 6:00, then brother, sister and I went to my grandma’s house to celebrate with my mom.IMG_0611Note how my brother plays “Santa”…We are a theatrical family, please forgive us.IMG_0612My Stepdad is obsessed with gnomes (we have a “gnome land” in our back yard), and I found a gnome that looks like him hahaAfter presents and cookies, we all went to the 11:00 candle light service at my mom’s church. It was gorgeous, especially during the candle lit portion, singing Silent Night (and a verse in German, Stille Nacht, because I go to a a big Lutheran church with heavy German influences). It’s the 100th anniversary for St. Johns, and it was simply beautiful.IMG_0635We got home at 1 AM, so on Christmas Day I woke up later than I have in years! I slept until 9:30 (I usually wake up on my own by 7:30 latest), and then ventured into the kitchen to help my mom make a Christmas brunch for when my older siblings arrivedIMG_0289-1This is a repeat picture (I didn’t want to feel like that weirdo pulling out her phone among family members who don’t know I blog to take a picture of a waffle), but for brunch my mom made apple cinnamon gingerbread waffles topped with cinnamon pears and spiced chocolate sauce, with a tofu scramble on the side. Quite lovely, followed by a peppermint latte and opening stockings and giftsIMG_0649A rainy Christmas day was spent relaxing and visiting, then we made our way up to family in Grass Valley for Christmas dinnerIMG_0666Chili and cornbread (non vegans had ham and cheesy potatoes), and roasted veggies and sweet potatoes with a saladIMG_0667

And delicious Christmas cookies and tea, during the traditional family music session following every holiday meal. Guitars, pianos, singing, sometimes saxophones and harmonicas…again, an artsy family. I wouldn’t have it any other way!



Waking up to a perfectly calm, drizzly morning after christmas, I had vanilla apple cranberry oats in my favorite nut butter jar ever. Perfection! Once I publish this, it’s off to see Les Miserables! Again with the whole theatrical family thing, I kinda grew up on this musical. My brother played Gavroche in the traveling Broadway tour of it in 1999-2000, and we got to go all over the country with him. Needless to say, I absolutely love this musical and am soooo excited to go see it (I hope it lives up to all the hype!)

On a non christmas note, other randoms this week have included:



Home made split pea soup (My first ever try, and it was awesome! I lived up to my swedish roots!) with a flatbread cracker and Sunnie’s Red Cabbage (which was awesome by the way)



Sometimes you run out of fresh fruit, so you have to get creative. Hence, fruit loop oats! Frozen mango and raspberries, lemon and orange stevia, coconut, and fruity organic cheerios (Cascadian Farms version of fruit loops. Yes, we do sometimes have kid cereal. Its just more fun)



Other days you are not out of fruit, but you have finals. Apple cinnamon oats with granola and a side of cramming.



Still my favorite combination ever! Salad with brussels sprouts, kabocha squash, beans, cranberry sauce, cinnamon and honey mustard 🙂



Also good with sweet potatoes. Told you it was my favorite!



Grinch Latte. Matcha tea with peppermint and almond milk. In a christmas mug. Christmas mug > not christmas mug.



My (Anti Veg) dad was staying at a friend’s house and discovered vegan condiments. Now if I can just get him not to put it on a cheese sandwich haha!!!



I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!!

-Lacey 🙂


11 thoughts on “WIAW! Merry Christmas (and other shenanigans)

  1. Your Christmas was pretty full on and wonderful to read about. I love that you share it between families and that both familes are chaotic and eccentric :). Cheers for sharing that idea for a roasted veggie salad, it looks amazing and I am going to have to pick up some powdered green tea to make that Grinch latte, it looks amazing! Good pick on the gnome by the way…it looks EXACTLY like your step dad 😉

    • haha Thank you!!! Yes, I love that salad, I eat one practically every other day! I got the general idea for the grinch latte from Healthy Happy Life, a mint matcha intrigued me haha 🙂 Merry Christmas !

  2. It sounds like you had a fantastic Christmas!:) Haha, I completely understand about the “taking pictures in front of people” thing: I always feel weird taking pictures of my food when other people are watching! All your eats look so delicious, especially those waffles and the oats-in-a-jar. Oh, and I love split pea soup as well, though I haven’t made any for a while…That needs to change soon:) I hope you enjoy Les Miserables; I am going to be reading that book soon (I wanted to read it before watching the movie). I went to see the Hobbit today with my family; that was a great movie!

    • Les Miserables was wonderful!! Its amazing, and in a film they can go into more depth than a stage play so it was awesome:) I haven’t read the book, but I’ve tried and its tough to get through, incredibly long. Not sure how close it is to the musical either, I say the two are different enough you should just go see it haha!! It’s like Phantom of the Opera, the book is waaayyy different than the musical!

  3. Those are some good looking eats! That is so cool that you got to travel all around the country. I hope Les Miserables lived up to the hype & was awesome! Oh, and I am in love w/Justin’s Vanilla Almond Butter… it’s like crack! LOL

    • Seriously!!!!! I could eat it for dessert haha! And yes, Les Mis was wonderful! I cried 3 times, and I never cry in movies or plays, especially ones Ive seen before and know what to expect!

  4. Oooh,I loved reading about your Christmas! It sounds like you’ve had a lovely time with your family,oh.and I adore that gnome you got for your stepdad,haha! 😀
    Also,I am quite jealous you get to see a musical… I wanna come with you!

    • Thank you!! We all got a kick that we found one so close to him, if only he would grow out his beard…haha
      Actually, it came out as a film, but still all sung just like the stage play. It was wonderful! I will see it in a few months when the tour comes back where I live (maybe you should visit to see it haha!!)

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  6. Merry (belated) Christmas! I’m glad you had a nice time with your family! I had waffles on Christmas morning as well. My mom makes them every year and they’re so so yummy! I like to top them with either jam, butter or nutella.
    Haha, I know what you mean about not wanting to take pictures in front of family members that don’t know you blog. A lot of my family members know by now so when I take pictures of my food they don’t think I’m cray cray anymore! 😛

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