Happy WIAW!!!

It’s been quite the busy week for me! I had tech week for my dance show, then the actual show, followed by the relay for the California International Marathon (I’ll tell you about that next time!). I havent had much time for computer at all, I was too busy curling my hair for every. single. show.


I obviously have way too much fun curling my hair…

But I did manage to snap pics of a few eats this week, and I’ll show you a few noshes from earlier too, since it’s been so long since my last WIAW 🙂 Plus I have a few recipes that I’ve shared all linked up, perfect for the holidays!!


Hey! Remember that holiday we had a while ago, Thanksgiving was it? Well, I missed out on the really long WIAW but here’s my plate now!!

Salad with my mom’s famous fruit salad (pineapple, mandarins, pomegranates, and coconut) on top, corn muffin (with real corn kernels and brushed with honey – only way to do it!), maple cinnamon roasted root veggies, sweet potatoes, and a rice stuffing

Oh yeah, and this pie


during the making of which I discovered why professional bakers wear white aprons



I cant quite seem to get enough of the cranberry sauce and cinnamon on a salad combo lately

massaged kale, pear, chickpeas, honey mustard, cranberry sauce, cinnamon

Or salads with pumpkin – I’m quite seasonal


Usually I add pumpkin to my cranberry salad, but this one was a curry and ketchup (don’t knock it till you try it) plus two freshly picked satsumas from our tree -> best fruit ever. ever ever.

Or just salads in general




Best resturant salad ever -Dos Coyotes Vegetarian (made vegan) Yucatan salad. Every color of the rainbow on top of warm corn tortillas and beans, all Central Valley, California farmer’s market fresh (fresh delivery of veggies every morning to this place-I’m never leaving CA)

I’ve been enjoying plenty of warm foods in this “Cold” weather too though (Another reason I’ll never leave CA, I’m such a weather wimp!)


Veggie and tofu stuffed Portobello mushroom and roasted delicata squash with two dipping sauces -maple cinnamon almond butter with balsalmic and dijon, and a spicy cranberry ketchup


Dinner via Whole Foods. Quinoa Slaw and Sweet Potato Tzimmes – soooo good!


New veggie burger find – These are all whole foods (quinoa, sweet potato, carrot, coconut flour, onion, red bell pepper, salt, spices, and flax seed) and absolutely delicious! Perfect for on-the-go dance night dinners!


I found out that, unlike frozen veggies, frozen beans do not necessarily cook in the microwave, no matter what the package says. Thank you 6am smoke alarm…


Breakfast for dinner anyone? My new favorite waffle recipe ever (these were the apple cinnamon ones, but with pears too and mixed the sauce with Justin’s Vanilla Almond butter) plus an unpictured side of tempeh bacon. Best brinner ever. Brinners are Winners.

lebkuchen oats1

And then, after breakfast for dinner we had dessert for breakfast! My mom’s Lebkuchen Oatmeal was incredible!!


It’s never really christmas until you have had a red cup…of starbucks

(Soy Peppermint mocha   first foofy Starbucks drink I’ve had in two years (Previous fear food). Man this was good, it almost made up for the fact that I was at starbucks to do my calculus homework. Almost.)

There was a random yet delicious dessert combination…


It’s not weird to dip a mini, homemade chocolate chip cookie in chocolate peppermint tofu pudding, is it? ‘Cuz it’s really really good! (hey, its less weird than the (also oddly delicious) time I dipped a snap pea in the same pudding, you’re lucky I didn’t take a picture of that one!)

And then…There was a slice of heaven.


Chocolate heaven.

Michelle’s Chocolate Pear Cake with additions of cinnamon, red wine vinegar, and candied ginger, topped with cheater frosting (dark cocoa powder, almond milk, vanilla + chocolate stevia). Ladies and gentlemen my chocoholic genes have finally kicked in. I still love my beloved Vanilla, but a chocolate un-fan I am no more. I want to get chocolate wasted! (anyone? I’ve never seen the movie, but I do know that line!)

Stay Tuned for a California International Marathon (relay) with Team Veg recap post soon! Spoiler Alert – We got an inch of rain during the run alone! It was so much fun!!


12 thoughts on “WIAW.

  1. I looove curly hair,I really do! I so wish I had curly hair myself,but unfortunately,my hair is not only boring because it is blonde. :c
    However,all of your eats look AMAZING and make me jealous just looking at them! I love how they’re perfectly winter-y as well – yay for Christmas season! 🙂

    • Haha curly hair can be a blessing and a curse! And my natural hair color is dirty brown blonde, so I feel ya. I went red for something new! Thank you so much!

  2. All your eats look amazing!! Especially those salads–I love all those vibrant colors and delicious flavors:) That waffle looks delicious as well; I will have to check out the recipe. And your mom’s oatmeal looks incredibly decadent–I am a HUGE fan of oatmeal (strange as that may sound:D). What a gorgeous picture of that cake; it looks stunning. I am definitely a chocolate lover, which is why I made a double-layer vegan black forest cake fo Thanksgiving!

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