WIAW: Happy Halloween!!

Spooky Snacks and Healthy Halloween Treats

Thank you to the hostess with the mostest, Jenn!!

Lets see, where shall I begin…

Lots of love from the pumpkin breakfasts!! This one was pumpkin and apple topped with the last of my vanilla Justins almond butter and FROG Jam (Sarah‘s right, it really does go on everything, from curries to oatmeal!)

Now I was out of my beloved Justins, and they were out of stock of AB at Trader Joe’s. What ever was I to do??

I made my own!! Maple-y, cinnamon-y…I call it French Toast Almond Butter–Recipe coming soon!!

I saw this at Whole Foods and just wanted to give it a try…Delish! While I probably won’t buy it often (expensive for a single serving), it was a perfect after-gym snack that I would gladly drink cold or warm (chai latte yes please)!

Because I am a child…Hahaha actually they were giving out free samples of this “baby food” (really its like apple sauce with chia seeds and kale juice) at a walk for farm animals a few weeks ago, naturally I felt the need to hoard a few in my purse for random snackage. Actually I kinda liked it…I promise I’m normal 😉

My super amazing Apple Hill Muffins have made a few appearances, Super delish -and when heated up for a few seconds oh my gosh yum!!!

Another random snack: Microwaved cinnamon apple with pumpkin and almond milk, stevia, more cinnamon, and topped with pumpkin seeds-it was like warm apple pumpkin pie cereal haha

Who says salads are for summer? With roasted root veggies, pumpkin seeds, and a sweet dressing they are good year round! Un pictured is my new favorite lunch salad. I mash avocado with honey mustard and basalmic vinegar, and massage it into some chopped kale. I add pear or apple, cinnamon, sweet potato or kabocha squash, garbanzo beans, almonds, veggies, etc. and top it with some cinnamon and FROG jam. Once it has been all mixed together, the orange starchy veggies mix with the cinnamon and cranberry-ish sauce and I get a mouthwatering, fall salad! Its sooo good!!

that was longer than I expected haha, moving on!

Please excuse the blurry phone pic but I made dinner in a mini pumpkin!! I blended the ‘guts’ (sans seeds) and some of the inside with carrots and almond butter, flavored it all up and added more fillings and had an awesome curried pumpkin soup!! So proud of myself haha!

Kabocha!!! Ahh so good!!!

Three kabochas and two (early) seasonal teas make for a happy Lacey:) I’ve already had the gingerbread, its a little heavenly. Im trying the mocha probably tonight!!

Anyone watch Pretty Little Liars? I jumped a little when I saw this mask at a Halloween store. And then I sent a picture to my other PLL obsessed friend:)

What are your plans for Halloween? I’m stuck at home with homework (oh the joys of weeknight holidays), but no biggie, it was a gloriously overcast day with a 100% chance of rain tonight. Must have discouraged the trick or treaters because it’s getting late and the door bell has only rung 5 times!!

Better for a cozy, quiet night I guess. Oh, by the way…

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown > all other scary movies

Happy Halloween!!!!


5 thoughts on “WIAW: Happy Halloween!!

  1. Goodness, I have so many comments to make. I’m pretty sure you are me in teenage form. I love that you love the FROG, and I’m impressed by how creative you are with it! I have put cranberry sauce on kale, but I haven’t put preserves on salad! And what a salad that is…

    LOVE making homemade nut butter (obviously, perhaps, considering I own a nut butter business) and maple is so yummy! I tried vanilla Justin’s for the first time last weekend and it was awesome. I need to make my own version now. 🙂

      • Thank you so much!! You have totally made my day! (Just have to say I was kinda really excited when I saw you had commented haha). And if you do remake the Justins I’m pretty sure I would love you forever, because its amazing. Thanks for stopping by!

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