Weekend at last!

Woah. Its been a while huh? Where have I been?? One word: Midterms.

After my final midterm yesterday, I came home, had a snack, and crashed. An hour and a half later I woke up looking like, well Im not quite sure but it was hilarious. I’m talking mascara all rubbed off and covering my cheek, a line on my face from the pillow, chocolate all over my mouth (okay, that was because I’m really messy when it comes to chocolate after school snacks 🙂 ), and half of my hair flattened. It was a much appreciated rest, needless to say.

Despite my scant blogging appearances, I still have had time to get in the kitchen!! But not everything has been coming out as well as I had hoped….

Remember Zuch-zilla?

Well two weeks later I still had half of it left, so I tried to make a delicious, clash of the squash seasons bread…

(just another attempt for you to grasp the sheer size of this monster. I once held a baby kitten the size of my palm. This vegetable was wider than a kitten. holy explicative)

I thought I had gotten in over my head when half of the zucchini filled up my BIG food processor. Then I remembered that you have to press the zucchini to get the liquid out. This pressed down to about 1 3/4 cups of squash. My ginger-pumpkin-zucchini bread came out delicious flavor wise, but a little mushy. Like pudding bread. Reformulating the recipe before I post it!!

I made another batch of delicious chocolate chip kabocha cookies. I got a picture this time, but I forgot to measure my ingredients again!!

Then I made a successful pudding, but didn’t take any pictures!! GAH!

Guess I’ll just have to cook another squash.

I don’t mind!!

Actually, it was recently suggested to me that I give myself a 30-45 minute break of relaxation between school and homework, doing something I love that de-stresses me. Yes, I have literally been prescribed to bake.

That should give me a chance to make a dent in my bookmarked recipes folder (recently pumpkin recipes x 4329508349. did I mention Im really happy its fall?)

Guess what else?

Yes. This, my beautiful readers, is a garden fresh goji berry!! A family friend of ours has cultivated for himself a goji bush, and this was the first year a few popped up. It tasted like a persimmon!! Next year we are hoping for a whole lot of beautiful little gojis. Such a treat!!

Speaking of treats, Its October which means the Sacramento Vegan Chef Challenge!!! My wonderful mother came up with the idea last year to have 10 local chefs put together a completely vegan meal for their menus during the month of October. It was a hit, and spurred the creation of her organization  Sacramento Vegan Challenge, with things like 1000 Vegan Cupcakes for Charity, Family Fall Fest, and Team Veg (a team of plant based athletes runnig the California International Marathon this December). But more on those later. This year, the Chef challenge is bigger and better, with 22 restaurants! I have so far been to 6 of them, and am planning on a few more, so expect some raving reviews coming up! (Banana waffles and apple cake with buttery caramel sauce? Vegan gorgonzola? Uhm, Yes. Yes pleaseandthankyouveryverymuch).

Check out the:

 Facebook page here


Other local bloggers also reviewing the restaurants, with stunning photos!!:

Leslie, of Flora Foodie

Maria, of Lime Tree Life

Palm, of Sacramento Vegan


5 thoughts on “Weekend at last!

  1. Gosh,that zucchini is HUGE!
    And I’d looove to try a fesh gojiberry someday,seriously. f it tastes like persimmons,it must be freaking amazing! 🙂

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