WIAW #13: Attack of the Pumpkin

Happy WIAW!!! How fitting that I start October off with my 13th WIAW?? The theme is spooky snacks, but I haven’t exactly gotten pictures of my snacking. I still do have had some very Octoberish eats!  I promise it will be more halloweeny next week!

Thank You Jenn for this wonderful foodie holiday!!

I have eaten pumpkin or apple cinnamon, or both, themed breakfasts basically every single day in the past two weeks. I’m a little obsessed. It’s all I can even take pictures of! I love fall.

Of course, I have eaten my veggies too!!

Taco salad BEAST (I promise, it’s not just salsa!!)

A monster of a zucchini that was literally as big as my leg! We got it from my church’s food for food table (selling extra garden produce members donate to raise money for the homeless and hungry). Still trying to work through it haha!!

I named it Zuchzilla (spooky no?)

Last salute to summer with a green monster:

Tropical Green Smoothie (serves 2)

1 banana, frozen

3/4 c. frozen mango

3/4 c. coconut water

1/3-1/2 c. pineapple juice

1/4-1/3 c. fresh oj

1/2 a medium cucumber

1 large or 2 medium carrots

fresh or frozen greens, as desired ( I used about 1 c. frozen spinach and 4 or 5 kale leaves)

1/2 lemon, peeled

1 inch piece of ginger

1/4 tsp coconut extract

2 T shredded coconut

And then, Fall invaded and threw summer off it’s throne. It was a nasty brawl, summer didn’t want to let go.

But fall took over anyway. Despite the 100 degree weather!

I recently discovered that Safeway carries delicious, rich, organic Kabochas!! They are beautiful squashes!

You had better believe I have eaten my weight (times 4) in my beloved Kabocha squash! Usually, I just cut it into 8 pieces, stick it in a roasting pan with a little water to prevent sticking, at 425 degrees for 40-60 minutes, I love when it gets all caramelly and delicious! I just eat it straight. But we did finally use some in an actual recipe, we made cinnamon kabocha chocolate-chip cookies that were to. die. for. Especially after being heated in the toaster! Unfortuanately it was one of those “spoonful of this, add some of that” recipes so I have no recipe for you or me!! I’m gonna make them again soon and figure it out for you!

Apple cinnamon oats in a raw almond butter jar 🙂

I have also been chopping up an apple, tossing it with cinnamon, and mixing it with my cold cereal (yes i do eat cereal, its just not as ‘fancy’ as oats so I don’t take pictures of it haha…one day)

Pumpkin pie oats in a white chocolate wonderful jar (still not my favorite nut butter, But I’m never one to let OIAJ opportunities go to waste!)

My famous parfaits:) This one was cinnamon overnight oats, ‘maple’ soy yogurt, vanilla cereal, and pumpkin pudding (pumpkin, avocado, banana, and cinnamon)

Forgive me for I have sinned…and used flash…But it was the only picture that came out focused!!

Either way it was delicious! A warm parfait with maple flavored quinoa, a chopped apple mixed with cinnamon and heated up, maple cereal, and warm, melty maple almond butter. AKA maple cinnamon apple heaven!!!

This was actually a lovely lunch my mom made! Pumpkin pie spice pancakes topped with warm vanilla almond butter (I got a new Justins!!! Life complete) thinned with almond milk and ginger syrup, topped with a cinnamon pear. This was heavenly!

So you can see, I have dived headfirst into fall. I’ve got a few cans of pumpkin stocked in the cupboard, a vast multitude of fall recipes bookmarked, and next week is midterms, which means minimum days and a long weekend. Bring. It. On.

Happy October!!!!


12 thoughts on “WIAW #13: Attack of the Pumpkin

    • thank you! I generally just make a serving size of oats, and add the other ingredients as i go along (and as they fit!) Its really all just however much of each that I want at the time:) (and if you were akin about the pudding, I’m not really sure because my mom made it haha:)

  1. Haha, I’ve most certainly eaten my bodyweight in kabocha already, too. The vendors at the farmers’ market already greet me saying “Aaah, you’re here for pumpkin again, huh?”. It’s a bit embarrassing but hey, at least I’m not the only one.

    Your parfaits look tasty – hello, maple amazingness!

    • hahahaha!!! Yeah, all of the cashiers at our grocery store do the same! They even pulled us aside when they were restocking the squash to pick our favorites before they put them out on the shelves!!

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