A Day at the Farm: Music in the Meadows

This post has a lot of pictures, I hope you don’t mind (they are cute I promise!)

Today my mom and I went to an event at Animal Place, a local (ish) farm sanctuary, called Music in the Meadows. There were animals to be met, there was music to be heard, food to be sampled, and swag to be given. Oh, and it is all vegan:)

Got our goodie bags and ready to go in!!

They have a veganic (meaning organic, but without the use of animal waste as fertilizer. read about it here)

The ‘main’ area, with vendors, a silent auction, and music”

After lunch and some musing around the vendors, we decided to go see the animals! The event was for them, after all:)

Right outside of the cow’s area was a veal crate, to show how tiny the crates are that the baby cows are forced to live in. They have no room to turn or even lay down, so that they don’t build any muscle for the veal. 

It was narrower than my arm is wide.

(side note, excuse the look. Trying to look solemn while the sun is in your eyes isn’t very effective)

My wingspan was bigger than the crate. I’m only 5’1”, and I lost a hand of length on each side. This crate was less than 5 feet, way to small for even a baby cow. Its horrible.

This is a picture I took with my phone last year of a rescued veal calf.

I named him “my baby Harold”. I about died when I saw him again this year:)

 One year later! Still cute, but much bigger now! And with eyebrows haha! He has had such a happier, longer life being rescued than he would have as a veal calf!

Hahaha when I took this picture he turned his face full on to my camera and mooo’ed. It was like his version of saying cheese. Awesome 🙂

Gigantic. Furry. Cow. I was a little nervous with this one…

He was so serene! I don’t even know how many families and little kids came up to see him today, but he absolutely loved all of the attention!

My mom took  a pose with me too

What a life. I wish I had time to relax. (probably not in the mud for me though 🙂 )

This guy had no qualms about people. He came straight towards us to be scratched, a pushy goat he was 🙂

Doesn’t your heart just melt?

Oh, Hey whats up?

I got my picture taken with John Robbins, (author of Diet for a New America and Food Revolution). He spoke all about GMO labeling (A big deal in CA right now, there is a measure on the ballot this Nov that could require companies to label GMOs on all of their products, and the major GMO company Monsanto is fighting it with every move they can possible make), connections and disconnects between humans and animals, and a whole slew of other interesting things! He even had a few quotes I loved; “The journey from the head to the heart is the most important journey you can take”, and another one about how whatever a person struggles the most with now, once they overcome it they will be 1000 times stronger in that area of their life.

I told him about how my AP Environmental science teacher played his video of Diet for a New America in the first week of school, and that he was on our unit test. Also how my science teacher said it was the best movie to connect all of the information out there regarding how we eat affects the planet, the animals, our health, and the health of people in different countries who we will never meet, and that he has played it in his class for the last 15 years, and will keep playing it for the next 20. John Robbins thought that was pretty cool haha:)

I know you were wondering what goodies we walked out with! Besides the cute little reusable bag filled with swag, I also won a raffle and received even more fun little things (in a more ambiguous white paper bag)

The whole spread, between my mom’s bag, my bag, and my raffle prize. Not shown are all of the pamphlets that came too haha

Whole foods donated a huge variety of individual sweeteners, including flavored agave! The candy is a (vegan) milk chocolate crispy bar (like Nestle Crunch). And Alternative Baking Company gave every single person a free cookie. Yes. They also had a sample table, I had a few tastes:) The cinnamon cookie tastes like the gooey, doughy inside of a cinnamon roll, in case you were wondering:)

Its official. They have now made a vegan version of everything. The question is no longer “what can’t I have?”. It is now “what in the world do I do with it?” No, I’m serious. Any suggestions??

John Robbins also spoke about the difference between Farm Animals and Farmed Animals. No animal is truly a ‘farm animal’, because animals were not created to live on a farm. Thus, animals are farmed, it is an action not a separate breed of creature. Animals on factory farms are not living the life they were intended to live. The farmed animals at Animal Place farm sanctuary have been rescued from factory farms and family farms alike. Some were abandoned pets, some were pets people found they were not capable of caring for. But they can now live a life a little closer to what they were created to live. It is a beautiful thing to see a truly happy animal. Comfortable, and loving life.


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