WIAW #12


Happy WIAW!! 

Seasonal breakfasts and allowing treats is a good habit right? I thought so 😉

It won’t be a very wordy post this time, I have homework. But how about some pretty pictures?? Okay!

Working on a new ice cream recipe, didn’t get it quite right yet though so some more experimenting will need to occur before I post it 🙂

But the point is, I ate ice cream, that I made, and it was good!

Overnight oat parfait with oats and chia, the last of my pink apples (mixed with a little yogurt) and vanilla cereal

Proof that you can make brownies out of anything. Yes, brownies. I call them leftover brownies, and they were basically sweet potato, beans, banana, zucchini, avocado, peanut flour, xylitol, and cocoa powder. And chocolate chips. They were super fudgy and delicious:)

Best breakfast hands down I’ve had all month. Pumpkin pie parfait (warm!) with cinnamon pumpkin ‘pie filling’, cinnamon-banana quinoa, apple, and vanilla cereal. I never wanted this to end!!!

I had real food too!! Pasta salad and massaged kale salad with an avocado citrus cream dressing (this was from a vegan cafe and we brought it home)


I attempted these oreos, but didn’t quite get them right. Guess I’ll have to try it again 😉 But they are still delicious and like frozen yogurt mini sandwiches.

Another pumpkin parfait, but this time pumpkin maple. Maple banana quinoa with chia seeds, cinnamon pumpkin, and vanilla maple yogurt with maple cereal (the pancakey version of my favorite vanilla sunrise cereal). Can you tell I just bought some maple extract?

Holy goodness best thing ever. This was a vegan caramel brownie (from that same little cafe)…

That I heated up and topped with mint chip double rainbow soy cream. Oh My Goodness I haven’t had a legit warm brownie (NOT a home-made healthy, fat free sugar free gluten free etc.) topped with creamy ice cream in like 3 years. Worth. Every. Single. Bite.

I think sometimes, you just gotta go with the real thing. Desserts don’t have to be healthy all the time. Thats just simply a perk. And you know what? This was 123921402x more satisfying than many a ‘healthy’ dessert I’ve made.


15 thoughts on “WIAW #12

  1. I love your confidence to try new things. I have never been that adventurous in the kitchen. I tend to follow other people’s recipes. So props to you for making your own path 🙂

    Happy WIAW!

  2. Umm… Wow. Your day’s eats look delicious! A few thoughts: You should totally post the recipes for those brownies and oreos SOON. Haha. And that pumpkin quinoa parfait sounds very intriguing. I love quinoa! How did you make it?

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