WIAW #11

Since I skipped out on WIAW last week (thanks calculus love you too…) I decided to make sure I joined in this week!!!

The theme is falling into good habits, which I am working on!! Its called “get on schedule with homework and try to go to bed at a reasonable time”. Like I said, falling, not quite there yet. But thats why I’ve been a little MIA lately:)

Big thanks to Jenn for hosting this every week! And now lets get to the food!! (cuz thats what your here for, right?!)

Vanilla fig oats….if you wait for it, these get better at the end of the post 🙂

Mexican quinoa salad on top of lettuce and roasted cauliflower. Then it was topped with an obscene amount of salsa…I like salsa:)

Overnight oats layered with blueberries and Vanilla Sunrise cereal

A delicious curry soup with kabocha, tofu, and garden fresh veggies (plus frozen kale mixed in last minute). My mom’s friend likes to cook for us all the time, which is a good thing because she is a cooking and flavor master. In our fridge right now is her bbq mushroom and tofu mixture that is legit texture and flavor wise identical to pulled chicken or pork. Like, meat-eaters don’t believe its vegan. Maybe i can pry the recipe from her 😉

Since Watermelons are currently so cheap at my grocery store…

I have basically been eating my weight in watermelon over the past 2 weeks. I ate one almost single handedly over 3 days, and am working on my second right now. I just found out it is delicious with fresh mint leaves chopped up on top!!

I made some delicious tasting brownies, but am still working on the recipe as they didn’t bake all the way (too liquidy). They firmed up nicely in the fridge and were almost like soft, brownie fudge though!!

Oats with chia, blueberries, peanut butter, and apples (and daylight!! It was a weekend morning:) )

Movie Night with my family! I made plain, air popped pop corn topped with melted Justin’s vanilla almond butter and pink sea salt. This was amazing!

Peanut butter OIAJ are my favorite! The PB gets super melty 🙂 This was apple cinnamon OIA(peanut butter)J.

Peanut Butter Sweet Dream (but I threw some bananas into the base this time for PB Banana ice cream). mmmmm

Oh the oddities one can find at a Co-Op. Here we have a Passion Fruit (I mixed it into yogurt with stevia for passion fruit yogurt, the right way. It was AWESOME. I tasted the fruit and I was all “oh my gosh I can taste the passion!!” my mom just laughed at me 🙂 ), A trio of delicious figs, including a stripey one, and a pink-fleshed apple. Its called a Pink Pearl apple, and it tastes like a Granny Smith. But its better, because its pink:)

Beautiful and tasty vanilla cinnamon whipped oats with those delicious fresh figs and a spoonful of vanilla almond butter (Under the figs). See how much some of the figs are than others? The dark ones were the striped figs, and holy fig they were like candy!

Perhaps the most conflicting OIAJ I’ve ever had. So sad to see the end of my beloved Vanilla Almond butter, but in such a flavor heaven!! Peach cinnamon chia oats in the jar of amazing. The best part was the end 😉

I have to go now! I’ve got calculus hw to fumble through, 2 tests to study for (AP US history and AP enviro), and a dance performance tonight!! Wish me luck!!

Whats your favorite nut butter? Any ‘go-to’ brands? For peanut butter, its gotta be Mara-Natha organic no stir. I’m usually a crunchy girl, but braces like creamy better (oh well). Almond butter is alway Trader Joes raw unsalted almond butter (Its soooo cheap too!!), and then for flavored, well can you guess?? haha


6 thoughts on “WIAW #11

  1. I love Justin’s vanilla AB! I still haven’t bought a full jar because I know I will go through it too quickly, so my go-to right now is almond peanut cashew butter from Target. It’s the perfect balance of sweet and salty and it’s just amazing with everything. I really love dipping fresh figs in it!

    • Haha Thanks!! I might post a recipe quickie on the oats…maybe haha. And I am working on the tofu! I know there is apple in it, but she won’t tell me exactly what else…yet!

  2. your oat bowls truly look fabulous!! at the moment big breakfasts dont really suit my stomach… and i have to wait for a bit until putting something in my belly so usually breakfast comes a bit smaller at the moment… done know what has happened with my ravenous morning appetite! cant wait for warming autumn winter oatmeal bowls though!

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