MIA (what am I up to?)

Woah…Where have I been?

Well, between school, homework, and other events I have basically had this much time: None.

I promise I’m still alive! I’m working on new recipes inbetween science and calculus, and living life between english and APUSH!

I’ll get those recipes up soon, but for now how about some pictures and updates??

Yes, full sized watermelons were on sale for a dollar fifty cheaper than personal watermelons. You can bet your face I have eaten my weight in watermelon the past few days (#dontwannabelievesummersover)

I’m lucky enough to live in the central valley of CA, so we get fresh produce basically all year. But it especially means longer seasons for summer produce!! It’s September and I’m still knee deep in strawberries, peaches, watermelon, and zucchini!!

And the most delicious tomatoes I’ve had all season 🙂

Plus some interesting fruit found at my co-op. Fresh figs (the biggest one is yellow and green striped:) ), Passionfruit (can’t wait to try it! anyone know how to eat one?) And a PINK APPLE!!! no joke. Its normal apple colored on the outside, and hot pink on the inside. It tastes really tarte, almost like a granny smith but a little sweeter. Its very amazing:) (Called a Pink Pearl if your interested)

Finally got the much acclaimed White Chocolate Wonderful. I had high expectations, but I have to say I was a little disappointed. It just tasted like sweet peanut butter. I guess I’m just a nut butter snob! I like natural PB (better flavor) and Justin’s Vanilla Almond Butter will forever hold my flavored nut butter heart!!

Sneaky Peaky at a recipe I’m working on 🙂 hehehe…

Okay you got me…I am actually really looking forward to fall aka I just bought a 30 oz can of pumpkin #sorryimnotsorry

Believe it or not, Some things besides foodie finds have been happening too!

I’m officially scheduled to run on a relay team for the California International Marathon in December! I’m only going to be doing ~6 miles, but Im super excited!! I’m running with Team Veg, a vegan running and fitness team here in Sacramento that we are hoping will expand throughout the US!!

I met up with the group for the first time on Wednesday , and I ran my PR for mileage! 8 MILES!!! AHHHH!!!!! WOOOO!!!!

I’m going to start calling myself a runner now if thats okay with you 🙂

Coming up in a month is the 2nd annual Sacramento Vegan Chef Challenge, organized by my very own mother 🙂 Local restaurants are offering full vegan menus during the month of October, and everyone who goes out to eat gets to vote for their favorite meal!!  Check it out!!! ( website and Facebook page)

And I went to Target (That magical place that makes you suddenly need a lot more than you thought you did)

Just to show you how short my legs are, these are supposed to be capri leggings 🙂

ha. yeah right!

Now my homework is giving me dirty looks across the table…got to go!!!



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