WIAW #10…I feel fall coming on!!

Well I just disappeared for a while…what happened?!?! Oh yeah, school. Awesome. I’m all sad I didn’t get much recipe-ing/blogging done this week, but I did get a few pics so I figured I could still join the party!!! And I have a long weekend coming up so you can bet your face I will get a new recipe or something up ASAP!!! Woooo!!!

Thank you lovely JennΒ for hosting this lovely event!!

Now, I know that the theme is summer staples, and I know it’s August, but there has been a chill to the air the past few mornings (aka it finally got down below the nineties!) and Pinterest has been telling me it’s fall for quite some time now! So that may have inspired me for a few eats…(aka I ate a whole can of pumpkin by myself in like, 2 days. yum.)

Okay who am I kidding. I eat Kabocha all year long πŸ™‚

See, I tried to make kale chips. I really wanted to make a recipe for you guys!! They tasted all right (good to me, not my mom haha), but more like kale crisps. And half of them burned. Meh.

Breakfast for dinner = win. Tofu and veggie scramble (with liberal ketchup) and two pumpkin muffins topped with vanilla almond butter/pumpkin pie ‘frosting’. They were supposed to be pancakes, but I added too much pumpkin and they wouldn’t cook, so they became microwave muffins. They were still delicious!

Theres the pumpkin!!! Pumpkin/apple pie oats topped with apple and cinnamon. lots of cinnamon. I love “this” season:)

Then I decided to join Pinterest (and department stores) in pretending it was December. So I had a ‘mint latte’ aka peppermint tea plus decaf instant coffee and almond milk. Ahhhhh….

And cherries (times 4893257834720). In case you forgot it was summer (hehe:) )

Before jumping into the bright orange and red hues of fall, I decided to have a rainbow veggie snack plate (notice the purple cauliflower. Yes, I bought it that way πŸ˜€ )

Boy I am really good at taking pictures of fruit and veggies huh? Well they are just so gosh darn photogenic I can’t help it!! (Plus, I would feel like a weirdo whipping out a camera for school lunches so I make up for that with pictures of snacks:) )

Part 1 of a recent dinner: asparagus, tempeh, onion and mushroom stir fry (this was pre-sauce and while part 2 was cooking haha) It was good. Tempeh has a different texture to it, its really different. Definetely should eat it more often:)

And now, for the main event! (and the farewell to summer staples).

What better way to “end” summer than with a Vegan Luau dinner?

My mom organized with the (vegan) chef of a restaurant nearby to have a Vegan Luau dine out. This chef (since last years Sacramento Vegan Chef Challenge, organized by my mom herself!) has created many vegan meals at his restaurant Capitol Garage. He consistently has todiefor truffles and desserts in the dessert case:

But this time we came for more than just desserts!

Here are the eats (minus the drinks:) )

The salad was amazing! The dressing was delicious (a little too spicy for this mild tastebud), and I loved the seaweed! Ha I ate my grandma’s seaweed too, guess she’s not a fan πŸ™‚

The sandwich was good, but needed more filling!!! The sweet potatoes were delish though. Coconutty and amazing:)

Now here is when it was dark outside with horrible restaurant lighting. But the dessert? Try best thing I ate all week! It was described as a pineapple blondie with caramel sauce, but in reality it was a gigantic, cake-pancake-bread pudding-blondie delicious thing soaked in a caramel sauce and cinnamon and it was To. Die. For. It smelled like a delicious, drowned in maple syrup pancake and every bite was omgomgomgomgnomnomnom. Exactly.

All right summer, I love you, please don’t go! But I hope you don’t mind if sometimes fall tags along too, ’cause I like her. She’s nice. And she smells like cinnamon. πŸ™‚



12 thoughts on “WIAW #10…I feel fall coming on!!

  1. Ooooh my godness,that vegan dinner sounds AMAZING… I wish I had been there with you,really! I think I would have purchased a few of those Chai truffles as well for the next day,just because they sound so good and all… Hehe πŸ˜€

    • Haha I would have too but I’m not sure if I would have even gotten one before my mom did lol!! Those are her favorites (I would have to hide one from her:) )

    • it was a small one leftover from last fall, the big ones won’t come out for another few weeks 😦 But I have been known to put away large cans as well hahaha! I will share it as soon as I actually figure out what to really do in the recipe (so it cooks right and isn’t dry/wet and crumbly haha) But I will!!!

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