Happy WIAW!!! I have a test (already) to study for, doggies to walk, and a bed to sleep in (on time) so I unfortunately don’t have much brain power to come up with a creative intro…..   But enough about my woes, Lets get to what you are really after!

First lets give it up to the lovely Jenn for hosting this weekly foodie fun!!

Thanks to school (ahem and forgetfulness/impatient hunger cues), I still am a slacker in the whole one, full, single day’s worth of eats thing. But I did still snap a few!!! In no particular order whatsoever….


Random ‘stir-fry’ with an assortment of veggies that needed to be used and tofu in bbq sauce and paprika, on top of spinach with a roasted sweet potato on the side. And yes, there is relish on top. Yes, I do create really weird concoctions for dinner when I am home alone. Don’t judge 😉

A few of these brownies were consumed

I made two mini pizzas to bring with me to a friend’s birthday party (I asked the hostess ahead of time and she said they would be having pizza so I brought my own, so I wouldn’t be without ‘real food’ (aka not just chips) and so I wouldn’t look like a weirdo with a veggie burger at a pizza party). I used tortillas with pasta sauce, a butternut ‘cheeze’ spread, and veggies.

Salad beast topped with salsa, honey mustard, and nooch. I’ve been really into the nooch lately, which is weird because I don’t use it that often. But I should, I like it:)

Kabocha!!!!! (this one was a little dry so I ate it with ketchup. Good. Idea.)

A is for Apple which I eat Almost every day 🙂

Look heres another one (told you!). This time topped with cinnamon and raw oats. It was like a cold apple pie, kinda…haha

The only picture of breakfast I’ve managed to take all week (GASP I KNOW!!!), but you can’t blame me for not wanting to take a picture at 5:45 am when its dark and I’m hungry. But I’ve been having some form of (DIY) Oats in a Jar* all week. This was cinnamon-chia-peach with almond butter.

*The DIY happens when you wash and save all  of your used jars, then spread nut butter inside for OIAJ. It’s not quite the same experience, but if I want OIAJ every day, well I’m gonna have them every day!!!

The only school lunch I got a picture of, too (hehe). It was a minimum day but my mom couldn’t pick me up right away, so I walked to the library and ate in the shade:) A yummy chickpea-veggie salad with dijon dressing, cherries and zucchini-banana-flax bread on the side.

Then when my mom picked me up (even later than expected) she brought vegan cupcakes. Her lateness was excused 😉   PB&J and Lemon Vanilla

French/Mexican quinoa salad (I roasted a bell pepper in the oven for this guys!!!! First time!)

I chopped up a personal watermelon, put some in a (giant) bowl with cucumbers, and put the rest away…

…aaannnnnddd then I went back for another giant bowl of watermelon. It’s my weakness.

I ate about 3/4 of the melon in one afternoon. I would have finished it off but I decided I might want a little tomorrow so I restrained myself. Fresh watermelon, I will miss you next season!!! #summerstaple

How was your day? This might seem like an odd question, but I don’t think it is genuinely asked or answered with a real sincerity anymore. I had a wonderful day filled with laughs, singing show tunes at the top of my lungs with my big brother who stopped by, and doing my favorite ever-dancing! I hope this next week is amazing and I hope you all have amazing days full of belly-laughs and butterflies!!


15 thoughts on “WIAW #9

  1. Aaaaw,the cupcakes look so pretty! 🙂 I love the little flower on the right one,so cute!
    Also,ketchup ALWAYS is a good idea. No excuse needed. Even though I prefer butternut squash to kabocha,but apparently,I am pretty much alone amongst all of you bloggers 😉

  2. Amazing post, as usual! Your eats look amazing- especially the tofu stirfry. Couldn’t agree with you more about the awkward moments when you bring your own food- just blame it on allergies lol. And my day was great, thanks!:)

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