Marvelous in my Minimum (Mon)Day!

Wow, I feel like I’ve been quiet lately (blog wise that is).  Yayschool. (yes, that is a word.) Between school, homework, and trying to keep up around the house, well lets just say its kinda crazy. And its only week #1. Oh boy! Anyway, today was parent orientation night, which meant a Marvelous Minimum Day! (I love those things)

Thank you to the lovely Katie for hosting this wonderfulness!

While eating breakfast, I came across some marvelous news:

Our triple-digit streak is over!! Wooo!! Down to the nice, cool nineties now ;)Between this, the random tree losing it’s leaves in the park, and all of the currents interest trends, its beginning to look like fall (except its August…)

Marvelous are (most) of my classes! I love dancing again, and getting to be an example for the other students was awesome! And my favorite class (AP Enviro) is legit. We are learning about trophic levels etc. and watching a video called “Diet for a New America” which is all about how eating closer to the earth (aka not animals) is better for the environment. Its awesome because I already know all of the stuff in the video, but the fact that it’s in the curriculum for an AP class, and I know who all of the doctors in the video are, is simply marvelous. Plus I find it amusing that if you want to drink water in the classroom, it has to be from a BPA-free, reusable water bottle (it counts as participation points haha)

Plus I had a hilarious realization when taking notes for history

Granted, in context it was about how America had to figure out a way around Britain’s imposing taxes, but still…:)Now that my nerdiness is out of the way…When my mom picked me up from my super-short day at school, she brought cupcakes she bought from a cupcake bakery that offers delicious vegan cupcakes. bring it on.

We each had half of both. The one in front was Peanut Butter and Jelly (my fav, the pb frosting tasted like the inside of a reeses, or a butterfinger) and the one with the flower was vanilla with lemon frosting. I like cupcakes 😉

I also like this cute little bumper sticker:) except no car, so I’m keeping it like that for now hahaha. maybe on my computer…

Speaking of veggies, I got a giant, mutant bell pepper. Marvelous!

And to end the day, since the weather was finally somewhat not-hot at 7:30, I took a nice run. Its been a long time, and I don’t go that often, but I absolutely loved every second of it!

Wearing my favorite running shorts (so comfy! I think they might be pajama shorts b/c of the material but I run in them so they are running shorts!!). I busted out 6 miles in 50 minutes (very good for me:) , which I found to be a much easier feat bringing a water bottle along and smiling the whole way.

Of course, saying hello and waving to random people was a plus too. Especially when you get them to wave back and then hear them ask their friends “Do you know her??” hahahaha marvelous 🙂


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