WIAW #8- Fruits, Veggies, and Cake.

Another week, another Wednesday. Another Summer, another school year. Oh time, how you fly!

Thank you to the wonderful, super awesome Jenn for hosting this awesomeness every week!!

Yes, you read that title right. All I seem to have gotten pictures of this week were of fruits, veggies, and dessert. Lots of salads (Uhm, its 107 degrees on the daily lately. I’m not cooking.), smoothies, and a nice array of ice cream and cake. That is how you do it my friends. Lets get to it!

In no particular order…(mainly because I don’t feel like grouping them)

Breakfast: Overnight Oat Groats (not doing that again, hard to chew) in a parfait with soy yogurt and a farmers market peach

First Day Of School breakfast: Strawberry Kiwi breakfast smoothie (strawberries, kiwi, soy yogurt, spinach, lime and ginger plus stevia to taste and xanthan gum to make it thick like pudding:) ) plus some leftover brown rice heated up with vanilla almond butter (ahem, crack. Eat.It.All.The.Time) and almond milk. I might have been up until 1 in the morning finishing an essay and reading for school that I had all summer to do. I needed a good, energizing, back-in-balance breakfast.

The next day I recreated the smoothie, adding oats and a little parsley and with almond milk instead of yogurt, then topped it with granola and vanilla almond butter. Its kinda sorta amazing and I kinda sorta bought more strawberries so I can have it again tomorrow. (Delicious food rut. delicious i say)

Speaking of smoothies…Relaxing with a magazine (I don’t care if its garbage, it wasn’t homework and that was the point at the time!!) and a greeeeeennn smoothie.

Lunch: salad (plethora of veggies and other goodies but I shook it up and they sank to the bottom) with a side of last minute, end of summer notes. Its ironic that I’ve done less homework in the first two days of school than I did in the last week of summer vacation. Oh life…

Late night dinner salad: Frozen veggies and tomatoes with tempeh. “It was a Cut it up, microwave it, throw it on a salad kinda night.”

Taco Salad at Dos Coyotes: Corn tortillas, creamy anasazi beans, and all good veggies with fruit salsa. Freshly grilled corn on the cobb on the side. I love Dos, they get all of their produce delivered from local, organic farms every single morning and are very accommodating to our needs!

Guess who finally remembered to take a photo of the best stuff on earth? (Kabocha Squash of course!)

This Girl!!!

Butternut squash ravioli pasta salad with an avocado/cannelini bean based basil pesto. This was a dinner, but I also brought leftovers for a school lunch the next day.

Look at this baby avocado!!!! awww its so cute!

I think I was craving a large bowl of grapes and blueberries…haha satisfied that one!

Of course, after all that sweet and juicy I wanted something crunchy and salty. Cheerios and garlic World Peas (roasted peas, actually really yum!)

And of course, with it being so hot and all, and this being so refreshing and all, a big glass of iced ginger-limeade! (lime juice, ginger juice, water and stevia). This times 10943129432 this week…Uhm, I like limeade 😉

Okay okay, now for the good stuff!!

Frozen Banana “cake-batter milkshake”

A chocolate birthday cake I made for the birthday of a family friend ( I’m so proud of my decoration!!)

I used a gluten-free chocolate cake mix and made Jenn’s chocolate brownie bread (sans walnuts), then made a chocolate frosting/ganache concoction on top. It was delicious!! Served with a little of each of my chocolate marshmallow and toasty marshmallow sweet dream ice cream. One of the guests said  that it was better than regular ice cream (I squealed so high it must have broken someone’s eardrum. I also happy-danced. In my chair. Okay not in my chair) and was more like gelato!!!! Aaaahhhh!!!!!

Of course, I had leftovers the next day after school as a reward for successfully finishing my first day.

And of course, we can’t forget the amazing S’mores Sundae I posted about earlier! (this is where the chocolate marshmallow and toasty marshmallow ice cream recipes are!). I shared this with my mom (for the picture I had to make it a little bit too ginormous for one person to eat by themselves…well I guess its possible, just not right after lunch 😉 ).

I entered it in Sweetly Raw’s Vegan Ice Cream Sundae Challenge! Make sure you check out the rest of the entries, they all look amazing!! (also, there is a voters choice contest she will be opening up too, so if you are feeling up to it, vote for your favorite!!)

Yeah, thats not all I ate this week, Just what I took pictures of it. What can I say? I like to photograph pretty food and whats prettier than veggies and dessert??? Hahaha not together though! (well, actually….)

Happy WIAW!!!


8 thoughts on “WIAW #8- Fruits, Veggies, and Cake.

  1. That all sounds so good. I love the picture of the s’mores sundae and I am so jealous that you have a jar of Justin’s vanilla almond butter-it sounds so fantastic but I can’t find it anywhere!

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