WIAW #7: Playing With my Food:)

Its that time of week again! WIAW whoop whoop! Big, Ginormous, thanks to Jenn for putting this together each week!

Sadly, this is my last week of summer staples! Starting monday it will become Back to School Staples: JR Year edition.Today was pick up schedule/take pictures day:After I got this ^

I went out and bought this^   Yay for not sleeping!

Also I will most definitely be doing re-takes for my picture. Guess who looks like she is winking in her school photo? (Hey, I blinked!…with one eye…

Since school is starting so soon, I’ve been trying new things and really playing up the variety and presentation of my meals, to enjoy the prettiness of them before lunches become leftovers stuffed in tupperware:) Plus its just more fun!

Note: These are eat from throughout the week, that I managed to get pics of. Not included are many snacks and some of the repeat meals/meals when I was too hungry to neat or with people that it would be totes awkward to whip out my camera and take a picture of my food. so is life.

Breakfasts:(already partway eaten) fruit, soy yogurt, and granola parfait

overnight oat parfait with apple and blueberries, topped with granola. i.e. the prettier version of the previous breakfast;)

I made my first breakfast smoothie!apple, orange, frozen banana, carrots, spinach, almond butter, oats and xanthan gum (got it super thick) cinnamon, and vanilla cream stevia.  mmmmm…

Carrot Cake Oat Bake! I mixed oat bran with a flax egg and carrot puree plus flavors, chopped carrot, coconut and raisins, baked it, then I topped it with vanilla almond butter (hold up can I take a moment to express my newfound love that is Justin’s vanilla almond butter? It tastes like frosting. I eat it on everything. Even on top of breakfast smoothies) Easily my fav brekie all week!

Okay I didn’t make this one, but its so beautiful! My sister was in town so we went to a chocolate breakfast (except brunch) at 24K Chocolat Cafe. I had a steel cut oatmeal and quinoa bowl with creme bruleed bananas, rice milk and mayan sipping chocolate at the ready for pouring over. I love this place!

We also shared a beautiful rainbow fruit plate (with chocolate to dip it in obviously) and had cute little cups of coffee (with almond milk)

Non-Breakfast eats:Hummus, sweet n spicy mustard, bell pepper and basil sammy, plus a salad and a whole bunch of cherries:) (not even joking when I say I have eaten a LOT of cherries this week. One time I counted 35 pits in my bowl after lunch. And I still went back for a few more. Summer Staple: fresh fruit)

Okay, not a good example of pretty food (spaghetti with “meat (i.e. tempeh)” and squash sauce, plus a salad), But you should have seen how fancy I had set the table for the Italian meal!

Dinner at Fresh Choice (for a Christian Vegetarian meet-up group my mom started). Playing with my food : I like to make a game, how many veggies can I pile on a salad before the tomatoes start rolling off?

How cute is this baby avocado? It was smaller than my palm, and they had a whole bowlful! I may or may not have one that I took from the bowl traveling around in my purse for emergency need-of-guacamole situations 😉

I decided to make a ‘logo’ for the Christian Vegetarian Meetup group:) Playing with my food at restaurants :check.

Not as pretty but I had fun making it! (and eating with my hands a baby (appetizer) fork) sweet potatoes with hummus, smoked paprika, and salsa and lemon-thyme asparagus. I also had some cucumbers dipped in honey mustard and had fun finding out my dogs also like cucumbers (to the list of cauliflower, squash, summer squash, apple, peanut butter, sweet potato, et cetera et cetera:) )

sliced apple with soy yogurt, cinnamon, and granola in a pretty design:)

Nutty Monkey Sunday!!!


Tonight I was playing around in the kitchen and came up with my next flavor of Ice Cream! How does that fit into summer staples? Well, The flavor is a staple of nearly every American summer (think fluffy white objects, sharpened sticks (often found on the ground) and fire. Sounds so much more dangerous that way hahahaha)

I regret nothing.

Update: If you don’t actually feel like guessing, heres the link!


9 thoughts on “WIAW #7: Playing With my Food:)

  1. You have really good looking eats there girl!

    I just went over to your Recovery tab and read your “story”. You have a very inspiring story to share and, as someone who struggles with ED myself, I find this familiar, comforting and therapeutic for me to read that someone else is going through the same struggles. I don’t mean to say that I’m glad you are going through struggles…please don’t read it like that. I think you can agree that, when you find people out there who you can identify with, it brings a sense of peace that you are not alone. Even though going through an ED is a tough road that never seems to end, even when you feel like you have a hand on it, it is a battle that can be won and, over time, will become easier to deal with.

    I wish you the best in your own recovery and keep up the good work!

    • Thank you Shelby! It means a lot to me that I can provide the same comfort that reading other people’s stories have given me. I remember the first time I actually came across a ‘recovery blog’ (I still wasn’t convinced I had an ED yet), and it was incredible how much I identified with the person, it was both comforting to know I was not alone, frightening to know that it really was a disorder, and empowering to know that I could get over it. I wish you the best as well!

  2. The Justin’s vanilla almond butter is sooooooo good and tastes exactly like frosting! I haven’t splurged on the full-size jar of it yet since it’s like $10 but I love getting the little squeeze packs. The nutty monkey sundae looks incredibly yummy!

    • Aw thank you! Actually I first heard about it on your blog, and had been on the search since. When I found it in my whole foods I was so excited I think it gave my mom a heart attack (I gasped and she thought something bad had happened haha). It was worth it though!

  3. I’m so jealous of all your fresh and healthy eats! I have been on vacation and need a green smoothie asap lol! All of your breakfasts look amazing, especially your Carrot Cake Oat Bake and the chocolate oatmeal breakfast. Filling up my favorites bar:)

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