WIAW #5: The disappearing summer

Wow, another week, another WIAW. It went by so fast! My summer is disappearing noooo!!!

I actually sat down and made myself a schedule to finish hw and drivers ed

See how it started on Sunday? And you know how its Wednesday? Guess what, for how much work I’ve actually done it should still be Sunday. Early Sunday. oh well…

This is more fun!! Lets get to WIAW!!

Actually, I didn’t quite get a whole days worth of eats, but I got the first part of one day and the last part of another day, minus a couple snacks but plus some eats from throughout the week *pants* (picture that said in one breath). Got that? okay good. Shall we begin?

Breakfast was a delicious overnight oats parfait with blueberries, peaches, and granola

(insert jicima and watermelon ūüôā

what I like to call a veggie burger salad:

lettuce, carrot, celery, onion and a veggie burger (homemade and the best one Ive ever made, recipe coming soon!), that I soon made an ugly salad by crumbling said burger and topping with dijon, ketchup, and relish. It was weird, yet delicious and I will definitely be repeating this. Like, alot.

plus some roasted kabocha squash (my absolute favorite.) I didn’t get a pic of mine, but of my dog’s (they love it as much as we do)

isn’t she cuuuttteee:)

A bowl full of my homemade ice cream (half chocolate, half coffee. it made a mocha:)

Slice of Jenn’s amazing¬†Flax, Fruit, and Veggie Bread (sans walnuts) on the way to a turbo Kickbox class (fitness)

and then I stopped photographing that day, but imagine a taco salad followed by banana soft serve with homemade chocolate sauce ūüėČ (who says theres no ice cream 2x in one day?? Its totes healthy!)

The next day, I had blueberry peach ginger oats for breakfast, then jicima and a green smoothie

(recycled pic, but this one had apple, lemon, lime, coconut water, spinach, celery, parsley, a bunch of ginger, and carrot)

then mom and I met up with Jill Nussinow at a little vegan restaurant for lunch

Followed by a kombucha that was not very good smelling (i almost didn’t drink it, but it tasted good haha)

and dinner was a series of ‘samples’ from Jill’s pressure cooking class at whole foods that we helped her out with

 French Green Lentil salad with herbs and walnuts

Spiced Quinoa and Summer Sunset Squash

Middle Eastern Chickpea Soup with Spinach

Sweet and Sour Tofu with Vegetables

All made in pressure cookers. Mmmm…

with more banana soft serve mixed with the last of my chocolate ice cream, topped with PB2 sauce for dessert, and a grahm cracker with tea:)

Other eats this week:

assorted veggie pizza (half with extra daiya for stepdad, half with extra veggies for mom and I)

carrot and beet salad on the side

A bowl of watermelon and cucumber with a side of history notes (is it bad that I was inspired by my cucumber melon soap?)

These roasted peas we found at Bel Air have been making many appearances on salads and stir frys. I like the garlic ones, they are delicious!!

Plus when I opened my new bag of granola (Kind brand, vanilla blueberry flavor, yumm), there were two GIGANTIC clumps sitting right on top. Awesome.

And, last but not least, I took a blurry pic of what was a very, very good thing. My mom hosted a vegan ice cream social and movie (Vegucated), featuring four flavors of my Sweet Dream Ice Cream

Coffee, Chocolate, Cookie Dough, and Peanut Butter (recipes for the last two coming soon!)

With a plethora of toppings like fruit, nuts, cocoa crisps, chocolate chips, chocolate sauce, and brownies ūüôā

It was a huge success!!

Thats it for this weeks WIAW!!

Do you have any weird but strangely delicious food combinations? I loved that veggie burger salad, and I make the weirdest oatmeal creations (I put leftover carrot/beet salad in oatmeal with peaches, and this morning I had my favorite: Curry Oatmeal!)

Whats your favorite flavor of ice cream? I love all of my homemade flavors, especially the peanut butter. But now that I have a basic recipe for vanilla and chocolate, I’m wanting to come up with some delicious mix-ins for new flavors (so looking at Ben and Jerry’s website for inspiration!!)