Put on your Fancy Pants

Coffee always seemed so grown-up to me.

I loved the smell of it, but for a while I was legitimately afraid to even taste it. Like it would be as taboo to taste coffee at age 8 as it would be to drink alcohol (which I never touched, even at communion, for the same reasons. I will continue to dip my wafer in the grape juice until Im 21 thankyouverymuch). If I had a little Starbucks cup of a vanilla steamer (sweetened steamed milk. I wasn’t a huge fan of hot cocoa), I would announce to anyone who passed by and looked “ITS NOT COFFEE!!!”

When I was 11, my sister got a white mocha. I tasted it, and I felt so…fancy. Not grown up, just fancy.

No I didn’t start a little coffee addiction, but when I went to Starbucks from then on I liked to get that ‘fancy drink’.

Now, I love coffee. Well, flavored coffee and coffee flavored things. I don’t drink it everyday, but I sometimes I just want to feel grown up. Fancy:)

I usually look less than fancy. Just like Im trying (failing) to be a cool little hipster.

Maybe this mug would help…

It says ‘for maximum sophistication’. So its legit, right?

You know whats not fancy? When its really hot outside so you are sweating all over your cup of fancy.

So I made this. Coffee ice cream thats simple and sophisticated in flavor (Why is it so hard to find coffee ice cream? Its always mocha almond, or coffee-chocolate, or foofy starbucks flavored. I like just plain coffee ice cream), and is even healthy enough to enjoy on those mornings when hot coffee is not an option.

Put on your fancy pants cause its about to get real sophisticated up in here!

Coffee Sweet Dream Ice Cream

vegan, gluten free, sugar free, low fat, fancy

  • 2 C. cooked, peeled japanese sweet potato (about 1 med), still hot
  • 1/4 C. almond butter
  • 3/4 C. date paste
  • 1 tsp uncut stevia, or to taste (or more date paste)
  • 2 C. vanilla non-dairy milk
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 1 1/2 T. vanilla extract
  • 2 T. Coffee extract
  • 2-3 T. ground coffee
  • 1/2 tsp. xanthan gum
  • 1/4 tsp cocoa powder (optional, but adds a little dimension to the coffee flavor)

Cook your sweet potato (I recommend roasting because it will caramelize and become very sweet, but streaming works if you are in a rush/don’t want to heat up the house), and peel of the skin. Right away, while still hot, put potato in a high powered blender (Vitamix) with the rest of the ingredients. Blend until creamy. If needed, add up to an additional 1/2 cup of milk until you reach a soupy consistency (think paint), and adjust your flavors and sweetness to taste. Refrigerate mixture until completely cooled, and then pour into an ice cream maker, following manufacturer’s instructions. Eat right away, or freeze for later.

You know what else is fancy? Little spoons and baby martini glasses. I just can’t even handle how fancy this is.



  • I used japanese sweet potato (purple skin, white flesh), due to its thick, creamy texture and sweet, almost banana-like flavor. Yukon Gold or other yellow skinned potatoes would also work, but would be more buttery and less sweet. I would not use regular sweet potato, as they are much softer, or russet/red potatoes, as they are blander and starchy.
  • For date paste, simply soak 8-10 dates in water overnight,then puree them with some of the soaking liquid until a nice consistency is reached. Makes about a cup.
  • Other nut butters may be used as well, but it may change the flavor. Cashew butter or another neutral tasting butter would be good, whereas peanut butter would give a peanut flavor.

3 thoughts on “Put on your Fancy Pants

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