Aaaannndddd I can’t think of any catchy titles…sad face.

I did actually manage to get pictures of *almost* everything I ate in one day! Bonus points for getting extra meals throughout the week! Woot!!

Make sure you check out the fabulous Jenn, the girl behind WIAW, (and who has a fabulous flax, fruit, and veggie bread I’ve got my eye on…)!

For breakfast I had a surprisingly delicious (I know its really ugly, but I promise it tasted amazing!!) OIAJ combo (okay I cheat, I save empty jars, wash them, and reuse them for OIAJ. I think that was my 5th morning in a row…for my sixth this morning I had apple-cinnamon with PB in a recycled almond butter jar haha). Oats, zucchini, carrot, peach, ginger, coconut, peach balsamic, and cinnamon in an almond butter jar:)

Plus a decaf latte that I drank outside enjoying the cool, overcast morning (really our power randomly went out and I couldn’t use the interwebs haha)

A slice of banana bread on the road (to WF and farmers market we go!)

Lunch (pt 1) WF hot bar- zucchini lentils, roasted veggies, and quinoa salad

[insert large amounts of ‘samples’ at the farmers market, haha why try peaches at only one stand??]

Lunch pt 2- kale, lettuce, spinach salad with celery, carrot, and grapes and a peach/honey mustard/ginger dressing

Peachy Palate’s Banana Brownies , x2 (I cut them smallish, but then had two haha)

FITNESS TIME!! took my dogs for a walk, and then went to a Core, Cardio, and More class…For such a cool day (only 78 say whaaa??) it was really hot in there!!

For dinner we had grilled veggies and corn, plus some vegan chili we grabbed at TJs (and added rice, bbq sauce, and apricot chipotle sauce to, had to stretch it out to 3 people;)

For dessert (unpictured), I magically turned plain soy yogurt into cinnamon-ginger-peach soy yogurt, topped with a fresh-sun-ripened-picked-that-morning- farmers-market peach (flavor coma brb), mesa sunrise cereal, more cinnamon, and extra cinnamon 😉

Other eats this week:

Spinach salad with celery, apple, and tempeh bacon

Vanilla soy yogurt with cherries and granola

green smoothie (s)

green smoothie in my hair…(note to self: do not look into the little hole in the lid of blender to see if its “done yet”)

Sweet (Potato) Vanilla Ice Cream  topped with almond joy cookie bar (more than once this week…)

(this was really, really good. I was so excited I even took a blurry, gym hair, its-10:30-at-night-and-my-house-has-horrible-lighting pic from my laptop to show you!)

Malaysian Mango Tofu over black rice (look at that presentation!!! like a boss)

Plus collard greens sauteed in the rest of the malaysian sauce. Yum:)

(wait…did i just use collard greens and yum in the same line? What kind of a teenager am I?!?!?!)

and more banana brownies, but topped with chocolate Better than PB (I love this stuff. Its like a vegan (not hazelnut flavored) nutella. I think it tastes like mochas:)

Happy WIAW!!!