WIAW #3: What I Ate When I Had my Camera

I failed at getting one full day of eats on camera this week, but I did manage to snap a few of some of the meals I ate so I figured, something is better than nothing!!!! Its WIAW time!


First off, the fitness. On Tuesday (when I was trying to snap pics of everything) I took a walk in the morning before it got hot, and later went to a core, cardio, and more class with my mom, we got sweaty!!!!! Tonight a few friends and I all went to a crazy sock zumba party (instructors at my gym sometimes have little themes for the night, crazy sock, crazy hat, glitter, neon, you know. Makes things fun!)


And now what food I managed to snap photos of:

Vanilla Almond Waffles topped with vanilla almond milk greek yogurt and fresh peaches

Zucchini Bread/Carrot cake OIAJ

Super green smoothie with kale, grapes, celery, carrot, cucumber, lemon, ginger,parsley and coconut water

Buckwheat Spaghetti with loaded sauce ( I could eat it like soup, sooo good:)eaten cold, cuz its been 104-107 degrees lately, ugh.

A trip to Berkeley  to help my brother move was a perfect opportunity to try out Cafe Gratitude!!

Of course, no one could decide what to get so we ordered multiple things and shared it all (bro, mom, me, and my mom’s friend)

We started with a peach milkshake (I am Beautiful) with fresh peaches, house made almond milk, almond butter, agave, and probably something else i am forgetting. It was awesome:)

The entree(s) were (clockwise from top left) a warm rice and veggie southwest bowl (I am Fortified), a delicious raw salad (I am Fullfilled), raw Pad Thai (I am Terrific), and Raw Sushi (I am Transparent) Desserts were also shared

Raw Chocolate-Hazelnut cream pie

Raw Tiramisu…Oh my goodness, best thing I ate at the restaurant. My first time trying Tiramisu, and it was raw and it was heavenly. mmmm….


That wraps up this weeks WIAW, I will try to actually get a full day next week haha:)


4 thoughts on “WIAW #3: What I Ate When I Had my Camera

  1. Oh my goodness that cafe sounds fantastic! I love raw food/health cafes because you never really have to worry about any icky ingredients sneaking in:) You have my favorite almond butter, too! When I ran out, (which was insanely quick lol) that jar made the best oats in a jar I’ve ever had, but yours sound pretty spectacular:)

      • Agreed, it’s almost the same price as the regular! It took me forever to try it out because my TJ likes to hide it on the very bottom shelf haha. By the way, make sure you enter my Journey Bars giveaway that I just posted up:) They are fantastic

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