Random Things Friday

yeah, not a very catchy title…oh well!

A few good things in the past couple of days:

(warning, phone pics…)

1. Big Spoon yogurt now has sorbet

upon finding coupons, my mom and I just felt compelled to try it….

Pomegranate-rasberry with fruit, coconut, almonds, granola, and sprinkles (obvs.)

2. I *finally* got my book for summer reading, plus a few others…


I already started Unbearable Lightness, it’s really good. Now if only I can get myself to actually start the homework…

3. Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!

I just got my AP European History test score back! Passing is a 3, highest you can get is a 5.

I got a 4, and I wasn’t even sure if I would pass. AP test is cray-zee hard (80 questions plus 3 essays…ugh)

Its on the fridge:)

4. Cute Apron

So I can stop getting cupcake batter on all of my white shirts…Plus its pink with sparkles and flowers on one side and pink with polka dots on the other:D

5. Unicorn Extract

Hush…its not false. Not really…

6. Unicorn band-aids

With unicorn tears for extra healing powers:)

Noticing a trend here?

7. My puppy loves this stuffed animal

She kept stealing it from my room so it’s hers now.

Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur…(10 points to anyone who gets that reference!)

8. I love this picture

My friend took it of me making footprints on the beach. My favorite part is how in my shadow you can tell how I was walking like I was on a tight-rope haha.

Now I really should do some homework. Or drivers ed. Fat chance that’ll happen today:)


4 thoughts on “Random Things Friday

  1. Love the footprints pic 🙂 Yay to unicorn plasters. And WHERE is that apron from – I absolutely love and need one!

    • Thanks! I got it at a farmers market in a dinky little town, so it was handmade, sorry 😦 I love it though, its probably not too hard to make, just need a pattern and cutsie fabric!

      • Oh, something that pretty had to be handmade! Well, I am sufficiently jealous 🙂 Perhaps it’s the motivation to get myself sewing again…x

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