WIAW #2: Oh Say Can You…Eat?

Happy Fourth of July everyone!! and Happy WIAW!!!

This week its all about the food and the fitness, two things I love to do!!I love going to group classes at the gym, my favorites are:

Turbo Kickbox

Core, Cardio, and More


(my first, I even had a private class for my 13th birthday)

and Yoga

I also like running, dancing, and walking with my family and dogs.

Unfortunately, I didn’t make it to the gym today, holiday= messed up gym schedule ūüė¶ I spent my day rearranging furniture, cleaning the house top to bottom, cooking, and getting ready for our own BBQ. I did however go on a short walk with my dogs, and another short walk to the park bby my house to buy sparklers (BOGO sale!! 60 sparklers for $10!!) That counts right? Plus I had an INSANE kickbox class last night, plus 10 min of abs.

Anyway, On to the eats!!

For breakfast I had my Red, White, and Bloovernite Oats 

I’m so patriotic:)

and a green tea latte (in my hand-painted cup:) it has cupcakes and says “sugar, spice, and everything nice”)

 A few hours later, I wanted lunch, so I had a lovely salad

With lettuce, chickpeas, snap peas, strawberries, red onion, and a dijon fig balsalmic dressing I mixed up. (not on it yet cuz it ruined the pic)

Followed by 2 stem ginger Nairns (fav!!)

Iced coffee to cool me down (its hot today! 97¬į!)

We had people over for a vegan BBQ, so there was quite a feast!

Chips and guac

Plate #1

Veggie burger (Angela’s BBQ chickpea burgers), watermelon(x5), salad, grilled veggies, gazpacho (didn’t eat-wasn’t great), and grilled corn)

Plate #2

more veggies, salad, and watermelon

and my Drumsticks for dessert

mmmmm:) happy Fourth everybody!


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