What I Ate (on my first blogging) Wednesday

So even though this is only my, you know, 2nd post ever, I figured that since its easier to get used to the water by jumping full cannonball into the deep end than edging in step by step until youre on your tippy toes trying not to get your tummy wet (off topic, i think im a little add…maybe…), that this should apply to blogging too! I’ve known about WIAW for a while and realized this morning “Hey!!! I have a blog now too!!! I want to do WIAW!!!! omg lemme get my camera!!! hehehe so excited!!!”. yeah. thats exactly what i was thinking…;)

little did i know that my eats would be a little sporadic. not exactly what i usually have but thats ok, makes for some interesting times.

lets get started!

I hope i linked that right….we’ll find out! And thank you to Jenn for setting this up every week!

I started out this morning with some delicious peach-blueberry oatmeal

(with blueberries, peaches, cinnamon, almonds, and coconut)  with an un-pictured green-tea latte

later (snack) I had a slice of my home-made banana bread. can i just say it was even better today (i like it cold better than fresh outta the oven. only with banana bread though. weird)

I met up at the mall with my best friend ever (i’ve known her since I was 5), and after a late, large lunch from a mongolian bbq in the food court (healthiest, most vegan friendly thing there!) super attractive i know!!! haha bad phone pic, but basically a stir fry with veggies, tofu, noodles, teryaki, and liberally, ahem, “sprinkled” with curry powder.

we hit up the stores for quite an interesting time!!

1. I found out that I can still fit into the princess dresses at the disney store. day=made.

2. I neeeed this siiiggggnnnnn!!!!

3. sometimes, awkward necklaces make even better awkward mustaches

4. my mommy let me get my cartiledge pierced for a late 16th birthday present! (only cuz she was hyped up on caffine from her vegan, mocha ‘frappachino’ the ladies at nordstrom’s coffee house made for her)

I also was the recipient of a cheesy but cute pickup line from a kiosk salesman with an accent (excuse me miss, you dropped something *steps back, sweeps arms* your smile:D), and almost accidentaly stole some   makeup. *heart attack.*

My mom and I went to trade in her car afterwards, and a grumpy 4 hours and missed snack later we finally decided to just go out for dinner. 9:30 is too late to make any effort in making your own dinner..

I couldnt snap a pic (too hungry) but we had side salads, and a beautiful, sizzling veggie fajita plate (asparagus, portabellas, onion, pepper, guac, and tomatos/salsa wih corn tortillas, and a side of rice n’ beans). delicious.

Finally home now, so i decided to finish my day with a late bedtime snack

 apple with vanilla almond granola, and a cup of  creamy  ‘vanilla tea’ (water, almond milk, vanilla extract and stevia. been making this since i was a little girl:)

and i guess that about wraps it up!!! Wooo! first WIAW  check.

Thanks for reading!


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